22 February 2012

Downton Abby

     Heellooo! I finished Abby yesterday, and have loved every minute of it! I was just talking with a friend this morning who I just happened to have told her about it, and of course her and her daughter are hooked! "Have you not been getting my texts???" She says... who me?? The one with three kiddos now and a 5 month old who does not want to sleep lately and a husband out of town for the week. Oh yeah sure I got them! lol!  But anyways we decided that we cant wait till it starts back up in september. Darn it! Thats just tooooo looong to wait!  I guess till then I will pop over to the website and take the quiz what charachter am I?? Or Tea parties till then??? 

21 February 2012

my Nicole Richie bangs....

Yes I went to get bangs or I should say I went to get them fixed..In a moment of pure crazy frustration ,the other morning I woke up twisted my bangs and cut them right after I so gracefully stumbled out of bed..lol! Do I like them?? NO .But I was proud of myself at least I took in a picture this time.what do you think?

17 February 2012

My dream home

I stumbled across these pics the other day on a blog called the lettered cottage..and I JUST LOVE THIS HOUSE! The couple that own it live down in Arizona,and I believe they own two stores. Ready to go shopping?? Enjoy

Love Brooke

08 February 2012

My new Dyson is the best thing I think I have ever bought for my house! Jeremy has been saying to me every morning "so you going to vacume again today?"  Maybe....A girl has got to have fun toys around the house dont ya think??

Love ya Brooke

02 February 2012

Ben lost a tooth!

Ben came home today with another tooth gone! I think his top two front teeth have been missing for almost a year now! We always ask him when those teeth comming in? Jamison has been a champ today..ran all over the place, worked out and went to get a cloth dyper to try out! hopefully that works...he is rolling over like crazy now! Even off my lap!  (wow he looks older in this pic!)
Big storm comming in tomorrow...

Love Brooke