30 November 2012

Our new favorite cookies! Immaculate Fudge brownie cookies

Have you tried these yet?? Oh Man! They are GOOD!!They are the Immaculate all natural fudge brownie cookies.  I thought maybe there were since every time I am in the cookie section, these are usually gone.. they are wheat and gluten free. So I don't feel quiet so bad eating these shoving these down my throat until they are gone.
 The kids love them too. I am on the hunt for easy snacks that are better for us and he kids. So I tend to pick these up every couple of weeks. But you cannot quit eating them! Maybe we should just limit it to once a month?? 
Have a wonderful fabulous weekend!

28 November 2012

Glitter and stripes!

Hi there! How is your week going? Well we are exhausted, but I was glad to get to work yesterday and have some fun dressing up! I can't believe I have been there for a month already! Jamison is just not sleeping very well still. Jeremy is the one that mainly gets up with him at night. I am so out of it that I don't even hear anything. So why the heck am I so tired? I guess like everything else it will pass and get better.

Stella&Dot necklace, Express tank top, Kansas City Kitty Sweater

I even decided to get out the hot curlers and play with those a bit. I really like how my hair turned out! 
I picked up these really cute little boots at DSW the other day.. they are by Crown Vintage. I think you could wear them with about anything! So cute! Have a wonderful day!

26 November 2012

Jamisons first hair cut

Jamison had his first hair cut last weekend! Jeremy's aunt who does hair cut it for us. We were having a big family dinner so I thought it would be a good time. He was starting to get wings on the side of his head! lol . Even though I really did not want to cut it . Something about cutting your baby's hair for the first time, it's as if they are not a baby anymore!  But I might go a little shorter on him, he looks really cute with short hair. 

I hope you have a great week!

23 November 2012

Black Friday

Hi there! Well it has been a good black Friday for Jeremy and I today! Lookie what we got! We are so excited! Jer found this great deal on a Canon Rebel T3 at Best Buy. The case , camera , lens , memory card, everything we need! It all came together! We saved over $400! I have been wanting a nice camera for awhile now, so we jumped on this deal. We are planning to go to Europe in September so we needed something nice for a camera . I have also wanted to start actually having some decent pictures on this little blog of mine too! Are you proud of us Blair? I am now waiting for the battery to charge so I can get going! Any good shopping for you today? I personally am scared of black Friday, and stay home..haha! Hope you had a wonderful week!

19 November 2012

Castro convertibles ottoman

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! One thing that I do love to do is look at magazines. I think well I am pretty sure it runs in the family. This past week I was looking through my In Style magazine and came across this really cool idea. Maybe it's not too cool to you, but for those of you that do not really have a spare bedroom for your guests, you might really like this. So is there any easy way to convert your space into a guest room?? Evidently so..

It's a ottoman that folds out into a bed! How great would that be to have a couple of those around? I would love that because I do not have  a guest room, This could be a great alternative, and something stylish too . I am sure that no one would ever think that that was a bed, even if it was the ottoman in your living room that you are propping your lovely feet up on looking  at your In Style mag.. 
You can check it out more at www. castroconvertibles.com.

Speaking of fun stuff around the house we are getting our bathroom tile laid and just jazzing up the room a bit this week... can't wait to show you! The tile is gorgeous!  Here is a little teazer pic for you. So stay tuned....

16 November 2012

J Crew Leopard print skirt and fancy smanchy heels!!

Hi all! I thought I would show you how I wore my skirt from J Crew outlet that I bought last week. Are those heels not fun?! I wore this Saturday to a special event, and received alot of sweet complements especially on my Target heels! I wore the skirt with a button up blouse from Express and a brown leather jacket with Stella&Dot bracelets. The skirt was on clearance for on $30!! So if you are around one of their outlets you had better go check it out! I love it!

Target heels, JCrew outlet skirt, express blouse,

I hope you have a great weekend!

12 November 2012

New capped toe magenta heels from Target!

Hi there! Jeremy and I had a special event to go to on Saturday, so I thought I would run over to Target Friday night and see what they had. I had not been too impressed with their shoes lately, but when I saw these heels, had to have them! They also too come in other colors like hunter green, navy blue. I had just bought a cheetah print skirt from J Crew outlet, so I thought these would be really fun to add a little bit of color! I got a tun of compliments on them! SO you had better get your self over there and grab some before they are gone! I will show you what I wore later this week! Have a great week!

Gwyneth Paltrow - Look of the Day - InStyle
Gweneth Paltrow in her capped toe heels

09 November 2012

A little fashion Friday with Victoria's Secret

Hi there! Are you glad that it is Friday? I decided that I have not worn this top enough, and it is one of my favs..how does that happen? It is very versatile! You can wear it with a skirt, leggings, jeans. I wore it pregnant too. I decided too to try some clothes out from Victoria's Secret. Have you bought anything from there? Other than undies I have never worn any of their clothing. I was going through their mag a few weeks ago and thought they had some really cute tops and sweaters. Sooo I bought a couple of pieces. This black sweater is from them. It definitely has a mind of it's own. But it is very cute and would go with just about anything! It's more of a messy looking sweater. Know what I mean? I will show some better pics of it soon.
I have such a brain fog today because of lack of sleep worrying over, or I should say thinking over about this sweater that I bought at Kohl's about a month ago that I cannot find! It was just so cute, and it is nowhere to be found. It just occurred to me last night that I have not seen it nor did I ever get the chance to wear it. Where oh where could it be?? This kept me up half the night...is there some little clothing monster in my house?? I know we have a sock one but this is ridiculous! I was thinking too of another top I just bought that is nowhere to be found too.  Oh thank goodness it's Friday.. Have a fabulous wonderful weekend!
Top RVCA, Target scarf, Victorias secret sweater, Stella&Dot Purse, jewelry

08 November 2012

Pics from the week

Hi there! I thought I would share these pics of Jamison.He is sooo into everything right now. He immediately went for my foot soak the minute I put it on the floor. It was cracking me up because you know all he was thinking through his head was I know I can fit into this thing...

I could not get him to turn around and look at me to get a picture of him because he was having so much fun. Yup! fits perfectomundo!!
 I also started working on Tuesday! I am so excited about it! I think it is going to work out great!

My little private Manicure room. Aka moms escape! 
 This is such a great picture of mom and Jamison. Jamison giving grandma his first kiss.. JUST THE BEST! Have a wonderful , fabulous day!

05 November 2012

A thought for today

"There is no past that we can bring back by longing for it. Only a present that builds and creates itself as the past with drawls."
I hope you all have a fabulous week!

01 November 2012

October Birch box goodies review!

Hi guys! I just have to say before I get going on my little review here that I had a great time with my family this week! It is never enough time! I am so glad that we were able to catch up! And... go aunt Beth!! Hope your new job is awesome!!!!! So happy for you! Love you guys :):)

So on to some fun stuff here! Have any of you tried out the Birch boxes yet? I  had never heard of them before till last month when I was on Gweneth Paltrows blog, Goop. She was collaborating with them for the month of October. What it is is a box of beauty samples that gets sent to you one time a month! It is only $10 a month too!! I thought why not?? I always have a hard time finding products that work for me, so this is such a fun way to find your goods .  You can cancel it anytime and do not have to do so many months or anything like that. Easy peasy girls. It is different every month and you never know what you are going to get. Love it! It's like a little surprise just for me...

I really love too how cute everything was wrapped! Wrapped up cute girly goodies for me? Yup! You should of seen me rip that box open! I received a Essie polish in Neo Whimsical, Jour lip enhancer, Malin+Goetz peppermint shampoo, Super goop city sunscreen serum , and a Luna fiber chocolate raspberry bar. From what I gather these are all things that Gweneth Paltrow loves to use. 

The Luna bar is really good, and I have started buying those to keep around. The sunscreen is nice with  anti aging serum and a SPF of 30. My skin is really dry so I am not sure that I would buy it,but it is award winning product. ( I need really heavy products ). I really like the shampoo! It seems wonderful! Definitely one of those ones that will wake you up in the morning and get ya singing! Very pepperminty. My hair has had a nice shine to it and just looks good. Jour lip balm is like a lip gloss. I like it a lot too. No funky tastes or goopie anything on my lips. Just a nice clear gloss that conditions my lips. Also too a best seller. But I have noticed it does not stay on long, but that could just be my fat lips. The Essie polish is ok. I am pretty picky about my pinks, and this one is more of a chalky kind of polish. Know what I mean? I really should of painted my nails with it for you all so you could see, I will do that soon! They say it is a polish you can wear all year around. Maybe when I get it on all my nails I will love it. Gwen does.. so let's just go with it eh? Lol. I am thinking she is way cooler than me. Hehe. So far I have had fun with it, and have used all of the samples this last week. Can't wait to get my next one for November! I plan on posting about all of them!

They also put in a little card to educate you about all the samples, and their actual prices. They also too have one for men! Might be a great gift idea for a couple of months for those men in your life that will take longer to get ready in the bathroom than you..we won't mention any names around here.. So has anyone been doing this too? If so tell me about it! Have a wonderful day!