23 December 2014

 Hi there! Hope you are having a great week;) Express is having %50 off everything in their store right now, so I thought I would stop by this week and see what they have goin on!

I don't normally shop there that much anymore..I just pop in probably a couple times a year. I use to wear their stuff all the time, then it was like all my friends had their stuff on all the time too..lol.
I actually found a lot of cute things so I will be showing you more here soon.

I am just loving these pearl earrings from there too! I have them on with both of these outfits. Also this midi skirt has pockets! Love that!
Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you are having a wonderful week!

16 December 2014

Our new Acacia hardwood floor in the kitchen!

   Hi! I know I have been a horrible blogger... planning on changing that here soon!
I wanted to show you though the kitchen floor that we just redid! We are so glad it is finally over! What a project between trying to figure out what we wanted to do in here, how much money we wanted to spend, ect. The floor before was horrible and was coming apart all over the place. It was not done in the right place, so that just made it look even worse and have more problems. (No we did not do it). It was Pergo, and I think if it had been done right the first time it would of had been fine, but ever since we had put this Acacia wood floor in our entry way and office, we knew we wanted more of it, but it is expensive! So we himed and hawed about it forever and we just decided to do it and have a even look through the main floor of the house. And actually right after we bought our floor I saw over at Lowe's or maybe it was Home Depot tile floor that looks just like this! Could not believe it! It really looked good for tile floor, but we bought our wood and decided to just go with it and get her done. We have no regrets.

                                                         Acacia wood floor in Tobacco Road from Lumber Liquidators
                                                                                 Tile floor from Home Depot

This is in our laundry room that we also redid the floor. I just love the two together! I am still workin on this room but will show when its done;)
We absolutely love this wood floor and would do it all over again! We did have our guy add some kind of water proofing around certain areas to block out and water or spills, so that makes me feel a lot better about that. Did not even know that you could do that. I also just absolutely LOVE how this floor hides everything! With three kiddos and a little dog that tracks in stuff all the time, the floor still looks great and hardly ever looks dirty. Dirt and stuff seems to blend in just fine..lol Who's got time for mopping??
So now we are debating whether or not to put it through the living room and then our main floor will be all wood. But our living room is around 460 sf, so it will be pretty expensive, but buying the wood on sale does help like we have with the other two rooms. It would be so pretty and I would not have to worry about keeping carpet clean down here anymore. So we shall see. I will keep you guys updated. What do you think?

12 November 2014

Well all I have to say is baby it is cold outside!! Only in Colorado will it be nice out then the next day or two it drops to five degrees..lol... I don't even think it's that warm today! So me and Jamison will be stayin home and snugglin today!
Thought I would share some outfits that I have been loving lately.

 Splendid cardigan, older Gap scarf, Steve Madden boots

    Gap Boyfriend jeans,  new Forever21 sweater, older Anthropologie booties

I am really loving this sweater from Forever21. It fits well and is not too itchy;) It's pretty classic too so I will probably be keeping this for a long time in the closet! The black and white one below is also a new one from Forever21. I don't like it as much seems really big for a small...
Have a great day! Stay warm girlies!

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06 November 2014

Family pictures 2014

Hi! We recently well when I say that I mean August, we went over to my sisters to have her do some family pictures for us. She use to do photography , so I try to steel her skillz often..lol. They live in a beautiful area in the springs, so it works just so well for pictures! The landscapes of some of these homes around her is crazy! I could walk around all day with my camera like a little old man taking pics of every little thing. Such a beautiful area!
Needless to say some of these pics are funny with a bit of personality poking out there from the kids... cracks me up! Hope you enjoy!

29 October 2014

life lately...

Hi there! I thought I would try and blog today .... and do a little catch up;)
Things have been a bit crazy the last month or so! I have also gone back to work two or three days a week, so I hope that works out well..so far so good!Hopefully it wont be too much for me.. my health has been not too well lately, so I hope things will start turning around here soon!
My mom and step dad are moving back to Colorado from San Francisco this weekend, and a couple of weekends ago we  or I should say Jeremy helped load their goodies into storage... and papa gave some rides.. really bummed I wont be able to get out to Cali as much now, but so glad my momma is moving home!

 Last minute flower shopping.. the weather is still so beautiful here!

Some rice pudding for breakfast .... it was awesome but lets just say I regretted it the rest of the day! Lol

My girl karen and I last week headed out to the Grizzly Rose...I am not a country girl..

Tail gating at the Bronco game last weekend!

The cuuteest dog you have ever seen..Daisy Maisy!

I found these antlers over at TJ Max a couple weeks ago...wacha think?

Finally got a project done around here last weekend.. tiled our laundry room with my dads help.. next we will be here hopefully this week starting our hardwood floors in the kitchen!

The look on Jared's face just kills me!

We went out a couple weekends ago with good friends down to Denver.. had too much fun! Some dancin some cowboy bars....I didn't know that we were heading down there, but OH MY GOSH I completely underestimated those bike taxis! What a riot!! We had to sit on our guys laps.. it was hilarious ... Dinner at the Chop House which is always awesome! Don't remember much because of my light weightiness.. but I know it Had to be tasty! LOL

One of my outfits this week.. posted on instagram if you want to see more! This a really comfortable Victoria's Secret top that is on sale, and Mother jeans. If you have not tried on these jeans yet you better get your self over to Needless Markup (Nordstroms) and try them on!! LOVE LOVE these jeans!
Hope you have a fab week!

30 September 2014

My favorite everyday lips

 I am always on the lookout for great new lip ideas that are easy, flattering and will go with just about anything! So I thought I would share mine today. I wear this just about everyday as my go too look that's natural and glossy! I am just not one of those girls that has a tun of makeup layin around, because more than likely I will not use it. So when I find something that works in order to keep it simple I will stick with that. Although I will admit that lipsticks and glosses are the one makeup goodie that I have a lot of! But I always go back to this combo.

I use a lip stain from MAC called Passion Preserved. I really like this color because you can put it on really lightly or more dark. I generally use just a small amount so that it will give my lips some nice color . Then I put over it Clinique's Black Honey lip gloss. (the lipstick in this is great too!) This lip gloss looks great over a lot of colors! I have also been liking this NYX color in angel food cake for a everyday look  that you could definitely if you wanted layer it over other lipsticks or stains. I do that all the time with a lot of my glosses. So what is your favorite daily lip? I would love to hear!

29 September 2014

Disney World part 1

Hi there!  Sorry about being MIA lately.. we have had a lot of family stuff going on lately;) I wanted to share our recent trip to Disney World! We had a awesome time with our family of sixteen of us..lol...

We stayed at Disneys Beach Club Resort! We loved it there! If you love just chillin and swimming at the hotel pool, I would highly recommend this hotel because the pool area had a few different pools, including a lazy river and sandy beach areas for the kids and babys to play! We would get pretty exhausted in the afternoons from the heat and humidity so we would go lay around the pool and it was perfect! It also was only a five minute walk to Epcot too!

Our first roller coaster... seflies

Night time at Epcot

                                                            I will share more later;)