27 November 2013

Life lately

Hey there! I know that I have not been around lately, hoping to get on that here better! I have been dealing a lot with health stuff lately so hopefully things will be looking up here soon! But we have managed to sneak in some fun in the last couple of weeks!

We got last minute tickets to the Nuggets game! Our first game with the kids!

I am such a people watcher and picture taker when I am at games..lol..did someone just score?

This is the dress I just bought at Nordstroms for a cruise that we are going on in a few weeks! We are so excited to go on our first cruise! Can't wait to get some jewelry to go with it! I'm thinking a great statement necklace from Stella¨)

My first persimmon .. I was surprised at how sweet it was!

My dad and Jamison on his Harley

A little girls night out.. we are such goofballs when we are together!

                                        Daisy is such a fur ball right now , but so cute!

So typical right now of the kids! Lol!
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

08 November 2013

Blue with a shade of black..

Sweater: Forever 21
Skirt: J Crew outlet
Clutch: Stella&Dot
Heels: Nine west (older)
Ring: Forever 21
Hows your week so far? We have been pretty busy with Jamison sick and a Nuggets game Tuesday night.  I am pretty stoked thought that I was able to snag a fancy smanchy dress for our little get away next month at Nordstroms for only $80 beans!! Right time at the right place I tell ya! just wait till you see it! So excited..so me!
I spent the whole day all by myself yesterday at the mall..lol . Have I mentioned that Forever 21 is just ridiculous? I mean I have to leave almost before I walk in because it is just too much! You need a full day to get through that store! Now I remember why I do online shopping there..But I did manage to find a couple cute sweaters and this is one of them! Comfy and goes with just about anything!

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