26 October 2012

My Target red card, a little fox and a date with Nate....

Hi! So did any of you happen to get over to Target this week and get a lookie look at the Nate Burkus collection? Well of course I got myself over there and meandered around a little to show you what's new and what I got.

Here was the collection of Nate stuff at our Target. Not a lot. I was hoping to see some lamps and just more stuff in general. It was suppose to be a big deal, but we hardly had anything. I was a bit disappointed, because I was not sure how I was going to incorporate a tortoise shell into my house, but I thought about it real hard. But hey if Nate thinks it's cool, it's cool man just go along with it my friends. Evidently I have heard a lot of people not having alot of the collection either at their Target store too, so what's the dealio Target?? Anyways this is what I bought and other goodies that I saw there.

Half of this stuff is on clearance. Wahoo! That's the cutest little fox candle stand you have ever seen! There was an owl too but the kids loved the fox. I thought about that jar for a couple of days and decided it was going to be mine.. and then I got that little gold sea urchent thingie for kicks and giggles since I don't have anything like that around. But it's cool right?

I bought this rug on clearance for only $10! I was not too sure about it but love it! Winning!!

Nice new lamps and rugs and mirrors!

I decided that I really wanted to add something to my coffee table. I have not had anything on it because of Jamison, so I put this together, and was so proud of myself! I think it just looks so cute! That little fox candle holder is great! Tessa painted with her grandma some pine cones for me so I put those in the vase. I was thinking I was pretty cool....until I got myself all cozy in bed reading my smutt  when I heard it all... coming ... down... Yup that baby boy of ours was hanging with dad and he got a hold of it and swung it off the table and the vase broke. Stinker. Now that's all I am gunna say about that.

But I think I did find a good place for the vase and the other thingie. Glad that I bought them. How about you? Anyone snag anything good at Target this week??

Have a great weekend!!
Love Brooke xo

23 October 2012

Annual October family pictures

Tessa two or three..can't remember!

Hi there! We had a beautiful weekend here in Colorado for our annual family pics! We are up to six kiddos now with nephews and nieces, sooo you never know what's gunna happen :) We have been doing this since Tessa was born, started with her first October. So ten years! My sister in law loves photography, so she is the one that started this and we have just kept doing it. It is such a fun way to see how the kids grow every year. I really need to get my butt in gear and make some kind of cool book for all the pics, just not sure how to do it yet, or what I want to do... So here are the pictures from Saturday!

You can't see him in this picture but Jer was actually on the ground behind the log holding Jamison so he would not run away! 
Jeremy's mom and grandma

Funny faces

Jers sister grandma and mom

Jers dad

Here we are last year! Jamison was only about a month old



Have a great day!
Love Brooke

22 October 2012

Hope lives breast cancer gala event!

Saturday night I was able to go to my first live auction! It was a organization here in Northern Colorado that helps Women with breast cancer. This actually was not for research but more for support to help those that are suffering from the disease. This was my first time going, and it was beautiful! I am so glad that there is an organization that is there for these women and will help support them. I am excited too that I was able to be a part of it! I bid on a couple of silent auctions, so we shall see if maybe I won :) I have to say too it is so fun being a part of so much stinkin pink! The men there were even in a lot of pink! lol


The candy bar

So what's a girl to wear?? Well you know I was thinking about that for a few days, but I did not want to spend any money on a new dress, so I thought I would go through my closet to see what I had and what would fit. Then I thought I really need and want to wear something pink! So I decided on pink and brown. I ran over to DSW shoe warehouse hoping that I could find some pink shoes and maybe a clutch.. and I did! Both on clearance too ;) So here is what I wore..

Ahhhhh! I love these platform heels! So glad I found them!

Dress Bebe, coat Charlotte Ruse,Heels Vince Camuto ( DSW shoe warehouse)

I love this dress from Bebe. I bought it a couple years ago, and it seems like I always go back to it when I have something special to go to. It is just so classic and fits so well. And the chocolate brown is gorgeous too. It is the dress in my closet that I will always fall back on and  have! Have a wonderful Monday!
Hugs kisses Brooke

20 October 2012

Afro circus and....cake!

Hi! Jeremy decided yesterday morning to go and get Madagascar 3. Have ya seen it yet? It's actually pretty cute. I would say it is my favorite out of all of them. But that stinkin Afro circus song really gets stuck in my head.. so the kids were home from school yesterday and it  was Afro circus day!

We then decided to make a circus cake.. you know how we love cake around here:)

They get pretty serious about their cake decorating

 It was a good cake day..
Love Brooke