25 July 2012

Playing in the rain!

Stella&Dot jewelry Guess heels from Shoe Warehouse
Hi! I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! We just got some great rain here in hot Colorado! The weather here has been insane! So I thought it would be fun to talk Ben into taking some pics for me on my phone..I went down to Anthropology's last week and found this dress on clearance for only $40! I was so excited! Dress? Anthropology's? $40?? Evidently getting myself and the kids out of the house payed off:) The only thing about it is it is very sheer so you have to wear something under it. I could not find anywhere a full length white slip. I am thinking they just don't make them anymore. So I took a slip from another dress that came with it. Works pretty good but not long enough. Covers what needs to be:) Until Jeremy walks in the door and goes boobies! boobies! Ha ha!  Hmmm maybe not enough? Hence the jacket:) But the outfit only cost me $65! I already had the shoes and jewelry.It looks great with flats too. So get your self over to Anthropology's! 
Love Brooke xo

23 July 2012

craving my movies.....

The Holiday
Hi there! Hope you are having a good Monday! I have been going crazy today trying g to tackle stuff around the house..seems like as hard as I try I just can't get this house clean! So I decided today after much deliberation that I need a nanny..one who clean and cooks :) How about just for the summer?? Lol!  Anyways running around the house I have been noticing lately that I crave movies. I get in this mood where all I want to do is sit for a day in a nice environment and watch movies that I love. Then I started to realize why I love these movies..it's because I can watch where they live and look at all the cool and inspiring things they have in their home. I think I like the homes better than I like them! Remember this movie The Holiday ? Love this little house. And I love the fact that a girl around my age in the movie has it. (I know just a movie and she probably inherited it from her fabulous grandmother who had it designed .) If she can pull it off so can I!! Well that is what I would like to think anyways..
Somethings Gotta Give

It's Complicated

What about this house from Somethings gotta give? Did we not all just die over this beach house! Or I should say beach mansion ..Love the style of this house! Another movie that I can think of is The Backup Plan with J lo. I could not find any pics of her apartment in this movie..but it is awesome! I love all the details! And her clothing in this movie too! OMG!! The hallway before entering into her apartment is all wall papered  gorgeous! If I am going to live in an apartment...the hallway has got to be beautiful Haha! Sure....  I am also thinking too of It's Complicated. I think that house is my fave.. I think I enjoy these movies so much too because they inspire me to get out of the mom mode and do something with myself. Being a stay at  home mom all the time can be rough and it is nice to see how others live even if it is just a movie. Is anyone else like this??
Have a great week!
Brooke xo

19 July 2012

Pretty organizers at Target!

 Hi guys! I was doing my shopping over at super Target the other day and of course I had to meander over to the stationary section. Every since I can remember I have had this love for stationary..is it a girl thing?? Remeber the day timers everyone use to carry? I loved that stuff! It's funny sitting here thinking about it. I remember  playing office with my friends. hehe. So I found some cool new stuff to help you stay on top of it !  They Have a loyalty card keeper now, and new mom journals! So cute! (Sorry about the bad pics..) also they had this shopping campanion. I really likes this beacuse it holds coupons and helps you sort out your grocery list. I think it would fit in your purse fine too.Think I will grab that next time! Last year I bought the bill organizer and we have really liked it it really helps keep your bills organized with folders and worksheets for each month! Just throw your monthy bills in it when you get them and you are at least somewhat organized. I just picked up the snazzy new pink one in the bottom picture. How cute they are does not effect my buying power what so ever....  Have a fabulous day!
Brooke xo

18 July 2012

Fun at the science fair

 We decided to head on over to the science fair yesterday at the mall! The kids had a blast! With painted faces, free flowers and science projects to look at and experiment with was pretty cool!  There was a bubble tower balloons, cotton candly...can you believe they did not want any cotton candy?? mom wanted cotton candy.. but anyways It was great too because it was all free! They just love this stuff, science crafty things. I could not tear Tess out of this one booth where she was able to make some kind of goo...something related to Mars I am thinking.. They also had characters from Star Wars! I really wanted a picture with them but the kids did not want too :( 

Yesterday was a great day, and I even was able to get some things done around the house! I will show ya soon :)

16 July 2012

Stella&dot fall jewelery is out!

Fall is right around the corner all ready! Can't believe it! But I always get excited for Stella&dot's new jewelry! The fall collection is out! I am always amazed at how beautiful their magazines are! They have new charms now that are defenitly the best I have seen them have! Beautiful! Did you know too that half of their collection is $50 and under? Now I just have to decide what I want..and of course I can never get all I want. I think Iam going to have to have a open house here soon..

Brooke xo

13 July 2012

my girl..

 Tessaboooooo! Can't believe she is going to be ten next month! Jeremy is looking for and getting his bats  ready...:) She gets prettier every day! One more year of elementary school and she is off to middle school! I just love how I have 2 boys and tessa! I hope that she will grow up to be my bud and will always know that I am there for here! I am sure the next ten years will be full of craziness and watching her grow into a beautiful girl! I am so fortunate to have her in my life! Such a good sweet girl..ornary but a sweetheart! I acually love that about her, I think she will be able to hold her own ground pretty well..unlike her pushover of a mom..
Love Brooke

11 July 2012

Look of the day!

Stella&dot Jewelry  Zara top  Gap outlet pants
 Here is my look of the day..how boring is that? I need to say something better than that. How about my looky lookie look of the day?? Lol! Today we are mainly just hanging around the house. Jamison had a Dr appointment yesterday so he is going to be sleeping alot today I think. He had some shots yesterday and woke up pretty hot and not feeling good, so I am thinking he is going to be sleeping alot . I think we decided we are going to head out to California in a couple of weeks. Our first road trip in our new swaggin wagon with all three kiddos...wanna come??

09 July 2012

Jamison ten months old!!

 Our little man is getting big fast! He is into doing hi fives now and getting to know his I pad..lol. We think he is going to be walking here pretty soon, you can tell he really wants too. He started sleeping through the night a couple of weeks ago..we have been doing the happy dance! He has a pretty fierce appetite too! eats anything ya put in front of him! he is also quiet the mommas boy..but I think that will change here pretty soon.
 The kitchen is going good! We wont be able to get the cabinets painted for a couple weeks yet..but we did take down the copper pots and hopefully will be putting up our shelves for our plates and dishes here soon! Hope you have a great week!

Brooke xo

05 July 2012

Playing in Boulder and some shelves!

 Things seem to be hectic around here! It is always that way when you feel like your home is all over the place with  a remodel..so yesterday we decided to get away and go to boulder to shop! You know that really hurts Jeremys feelings.. anyways we or I should say I was in an Anthropology mood to look at their dishes. I decided that I am going to do some open shelving in the kitchen! Yup it is a bold move but I am going for it. I can always put the cabinet back up anyway right? When we did take it down it seemed like it really opened up the kitchen alot! So off to Anthropology I went and to the Apple store Jeremy and the kids went..too bad Anthropology for me right now is just ehhh. It is alway depressing too when I run up to a dress that I just love to only look at the tag and see that it is $200-300! I did try on a cute one that was on sale for only $125 (lol) . Nothing special right now. I think though I can find alot of cute white dishes at Target to add to what I have.  But the tile is up and hopefully the cabinets will be painted within the next couple of days!  Moving right along!

Here are some pictures of what I am talking about. Purty eh?

Brooke xo

02 July 2012

Cold Springs granite countertops!

I am so excited! We finally got out new granite counter tops installed this morning! They are even better than we imagined! They are full of creamy whites, greys, black, some brown even too. We are so excited to finally be getting this kitchen updated! I keep telling jeremy these are just too nice for our house! haha! We get our black splash tomorrow and hopefully we can paint the cabnets too. I am a little bummed though about my faucet. I really wanted something that looked more vintage or victorian , but I could not find one  liked that was over  $200 beans. I had bought one that was $100 but dad said you want to buy one that is at least over $200. Well you have to special order just about anything over $250. I am a bit slow and did not catch on to that till yesterday.. guess it will have to work. The pictures just don't do that well at showing them off :) I have to say too that this was our first time buying a big purchase at Home Depot and they were great to work with! Everything went really smooth. Now we just need to get the backsplash in, paint cabinets, new floor , lighting, and take down those copper pots . Probably more just can't think of them right now . Can't wait till tomorrow!