12 November 2014

Well all I have to say is baby it is cold outside!! Only in Colorado will it be nice out then the next day or two it drops to five degrees..lol... I don't even think it's that warm today! So me and Jamison will be stayin home and snugglin today!
Thought I would share some outfits that I have been loving lately.

 Splendid cardigan, older Gap scarf, Steve Madden boots

    Gap Boyfriend jeans,  new Forever21 sweater, older Anthropologie booties

I am really loving this sweater from Forever21. It fits well and is not too itchy;) It's pretty classic too so I will probably be keeping this for a long time in the closet! The black and white one below is also a new one from Forever21. I don't like it as much seems really big for a small...
Have a great day! Stay warm girlies!

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06 November 2014

Family pictures 2014

Hi! We recently well when I say that I mean August, we went over to my sisters to have her do some family pictures for us. She use to do photography , so I try to steel her skillz often..lol. They live in a beautiful area in the springs, so it works just so well for pictures! The landscapes of some of these homes around her is crazy! I could walk around all day with my camera like a little old man taking pics of every little thing. Such a beautiful area!
Needless to say some of these pics are funny with a bit of personality poking out there from the kids... cracks me up! Hope you enjoy!