25 June 2014

Crusing around Napa & Castello di Amorosa

We decided that while we were up that way we had better go drive through Napa! The day was perfect. Not too hot or crowded. Even though it is really dry there this summer, it was still awesome! This is a a lot of pictures! Hope you enjoy!

The poppies were just crazy! I had Jeremy stop just so I could really see them for a minute. They covered the side of the highway and when I opened my door I really could not even get out! They were just beautiful!

We stopped at the Castle in Napa. Castello di Amorosa .It was awesome ! Great for the kids too! Animals everywhere! And the wine..well ya know it was alright;).. I am pretty sure it is my favorite place there.

It was really interesting to learn about this winery. Its not a old place, but all the materials are very old and were brought in from other countries, and all the construction was done as if it was built hundreds of years ago. It even has a dungeon. That's where the kids go so you can drink.. just kidding ;)

                                 This is a exact replica of a bath tub from that time period..

Forever21 dress

                             Ha! Ha! No pictures!They were done with this Napa nonsense..lol


This was a restaurant we stopped at that we had read was really good. It is called Kitchen Door in  Napa. We loved it! The mushroom soup is great! The kids keep talking about the pizza too. We loved everything we had!I really loved the vibe of it all. Hope to get back there!

Overall I think this was my favorite day! We were able to see and do so much, and the kids really enjoyed most of it! I am bummed thought that I did not get any pics of the gorgeous hydrangeas and lavender.. crazy beautiful there! 

20 June 2014

A couple of fun different looks lately

Jacket: One Teaspoon
Pants: Gap $20!
Blue blouse:Target
 Skirt: J Crew outlet (older)
 Necklace: Forever 21

Hello! I came across these looks that I recently put together, but just forgot about, or just did not care for the pictures. ( bad hair, blurry pics ya know usual mom stuff) But they are in my little opinion are cute outfits and thought I should show them to ya anyway! 
I just LOVE this jacket! I was so stinkin excited when I saw it on clearance and just love too how the sleeves zip off. HOW STINKIN CUTE! It's a little too big but don't care..LOL! The zippers too are this great copper color and really make it pop! I feel so zipper cool. Have you had many One Teaspoon items? Can't wait to grab some more! I keep seeing their cut off shorts on everyone..  The pants I happened to grab for $20 beans and I love those also! So comfortable! They had a lot of those hanging around so maybe you could go grab yourself some too? They are worth it!
Have a great weekend!

19 June 2014

Santa Cruz!

We always cruise on over to Half Moon Bay and grab some fish and chips over at Barbras! THE     BEST! They are award winning;)We always make a special trip there!

The boys just had a blast on the beach! Jamison had so much fun rollin in the sand dodging the waves and just over all being a crazy boy by the water. This was his first time and his reaction did not dissapoint! We were just lovin it!
We spent some great quality time in the arcade and then headed over to the amusement park, which was our first time over there,  it was packed and great, and of course the kids had a great time! (maybe not go on a weekend next time?)..lol! We generally always go out on the pier and hang out over by the seals, but this was a lot better for the kids and a new experience for us! Really cant believe we had not gone over this way before...
Ill be back later with our pics from San Francisco and Napa!

17 June 2014

Our Northern California trip

Hey guys! We just got back the end of this last week form a great two week vacay with family out in California! It was a really nice little getaway and also great to be able to stay with family;) We really miss my mom a lot so being able to get ourselves out there for a bit was great! 
We started off going to the red woods at Big Basin! If you follow my instagram then you likely saw some of these already. 

This cracks me up! The boys hanging off this tree! Jamison had to do everything Ben was doing..or at least try... goofballs

                                     This was a tree that fell over about 30 years ago.

These trees were just incredibly huge! Most of them  were over 200 feet tall! So glads it was a beautiful great weather day! The kids just loved it and loved climbing all over EVERY LITTLE THING..haha! Or I should say OVER EVERY BIG THING they could find! So glad always that the kids just love to do this kind of adventure and love being outside! 
Have lots more pictures! So I will be back later with some more. Have a wonderful day!

05 June 2014

Just checkin in..

Hi there! we have been in California since Sunday visiting my family here in San Francisco! You can follow my instagram to keep up with us if you like! We went to see the red woods at Big Basin yesterday and everything was right on.. perfect weather, not too crowded . Loved it! Those trees are just incredible! But now.. we are exhausted..lol I think we need a quiet day today.
So anyways here are a few pics of my new favorite little dress from Forever 21 in my moms back yard that just is so cute!  So always has cool stuff layin around

Dress Forever21
Top Express (on sale!)
Shoes Guess (Marshalls)
Necklace Stella&Dot

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!