26 February 2013

Our day today..

The snow.. the wind this week. I have been a hermit this week because I do not want to at all to go outside.. not so sure that is a good thing. I was sick as a dog last week,  but one good thing about Colorado is that the snow does not stick around for too long

My new Jessica Simpson boots that I got on clearance for $35 at Dillards!

Eating nerds off the floor..what you don't do that? We have it down! Lick hand, stick it to the nerds, lick off hand, give some to momma.. if only I could get a picture of that..

New nail polish that I can't wait to try from my Feb Birch Box

Kiddos just walking in from school... they are just so cute and sweet

22 February 2013

It's snowing!

Dress billabong
Jean jacket Levi
Leather Jacket Hollister (old)
Socks Free people
Boots Kohl's (old)
Jewelry handed down from grandma

It's snowing up in here yo! I have been sick all week, so I decided today in the snow it would be fun to freeze my toosh off in a dress..but I just had to show you this cute dress that I picked up at Billabong on Saturday! I LOVE it! I am not really a fan of these dresses that are higher in the front and longer in the bottom, but I will be wearing this all summer long! I love how I can play it up in all seasons and it looks so cute! I am such a sucker for these cute little white dresses. Mexico is callin my name!
I decided to do some layering with my denim jacket and my leather jacket over it. Worked out great! Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a fabulous and warm weekend!

21 February 2013

What I have learned lately about coconut oil..

I have the dryest skin.. I can remember putting on lotion every time I got out of the water since i was ten or so. But I guess that it does not help out at all when you live in Colorado and you take almost nightly hot baths. So about a year ago or so I was trying to think of other ways to moisturize my skin in a healthy non chemical way. Boy! some of the stuff in lotion I can't even pronounce and I am rubbin it all over me?
So anyways I started putting olive oil in my bath water at night and found that it did help keep my skin from getting too dry. Then a couple of weeks ago I was sitting there looking at my coconut oil thinking what if I put this in my bath water? Hey! What if I shave with it? Then I got really crazy and decided to put it in my hair and sleep in it for a night. My scalp has really been hurting lately. So I figure that is due to the winter dryness. It even says on the back of the jar that you can use it on your hair..I missed that
I have to say I love it in my bath water now and also put it in the kids bath water too for their skin. I have not not been using much lotion at all. And shaving with it is great! I don't even have to put lotion on after! LOVE IT! I even did a little research on the internet and found out that it is great for your hair and scalp. Your skin loves it. Great for cooking.It even has some natural SPF in it. So go get yourself some coconut oil! Hope you are having a great Thursday!

19 February 2013

Our new electric fireplace from.....Big lots?

Hi there! Yup Jeremy and I are now the proud owners of a new electric fireplace, and our toes are a lot warmer if I do say so myself! I was strolling through big lots in November and stumbled upon it. I remember thinking what?? Whoa! Where did you come from? Seriously Big Lots!?

We have been here for ten years now and I have looked on and off for a fireplace to go in this spot but could never find anything that I liked. I wanted something that had stone on it too. Cracks me up..I never go into Big Lots. It's just one of those stores that makes me feel really dirty.. haha

Vase and candle stand :Target

Here is the view from the kitchen. I suppose I need to take those pictures down that are above it. Just not too sure what to put there. I would really love one of those big bronze looking starburst mirrors. But that means I have to change the wall behind the chair.. and of course the mirror that I found is only $400 beans..(I know I need a bigger table behind the sofa..)

So I was thinking maybe this pictures that is hanging in my office? What do you think? I really would love to use something that I already have and not spend money. But now I am thinking this picture would look cool above my bed.. stink 
They did have a lot to choose from. I was really surprised! And now is the time to snag one if you are in the need because mine was on sale and because it was a floor model they gave it to me for and extra 10% off! So what do you think? Do you like?

15 February 2013

When you build your house , call me home...

Hi Girls! So glad it's Friday! We have been sick all week , so I am hoping for a better weekend and week next time around! I wanted to share this awesome sweater I just got from Urban Outfitters on clearance! It is the softest most mushy, comfy ,warm sweater I have ever had! I am so glad I grabbed it because I will be wearing it with a lot of outfits! I even have been wearing it with skirts and booties  and looove it! I will show you more of that soon!

And yes that would be my new Fleet Wood Mac Rumors t shirt that I got at Urban outfitters too! I LOVE Fleet wood Mac and was so excited to get a cool t-shirt! I think my favorite song would be Sara.." drownin in the sea of love where everyone would love to drown but now it's gone, it doesn't matter what for. So when you build your house , then call me home." 
We grew up listening to them every year we would go to Lake Powell on a house boat for a week, and we would listen to them all week long....

Sweater, shirt: Urban outfitters, Jeans: American Eagle, Booties: Anthropology

Then I decided to do little black tips on my nails at the spur of the moment.. like I said it has been a crazy week! Hope you are staying warm and have a awesome weekend!

13 February 2013

My new black doors!

Hello there! Well I got two doors painted.. I am loving them! They add just a bit of fun a sassiness ! I want to paint my front door black but it is pretty cold here right now so hopefully this weekend  can get to that when the weather is warmer, that is if I am not sick in bed..the boys have been sick all week and they NEVER get sick. Lol so I guess we are do..but I feel it coming on today despite my efforts . Ahh well. So what you think? Yes? I think I am needing some more light in this picture!


I also did my pantry door. I have  black in my granite counter tops, so I thought it would jazz up the kitchen a little bit! Yes? at least now they wont look so dirty! Hopefully


Only five more to go!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

08 February 2013

Jamison 17 months!

Can't believe he is 17 months old! He is just a sweet  and a great baby boy! We are still not sleeping at night very well, but we don't mind ;) We love being outside and having our shoes on, oh and taking a bath! He eats non stop! Ha ha as long as you keep giving it to him he wants to eat. Seems like he eats almost as much as us! I took him to the doctor the other day and he said he was one of the happiest babies he has ever seen! We also love to jump on the bed with big brother in the evenings before we go to bed.. it's so cute seeing the three of them play...

07 February 2013

Put a lid on it eye primer

This last month in my burch box  I received this little sample of eye primer. I have never been much for primer because I guess it is just another step to the make up process. But I though I am going to try this out, and put it to the test!

Can you tell what side I used it on? Yup I used it on my right side and was impressed! I like to use this Bobby Brown pallet, and one of the dark browns I use as eyeliner, but it never stays on longer than a half an hour! With the primer it stayed put for most of the day! I was pretty excited! I know most of you probably already use primer and know this, but I just had not come across one that really made a difference to me. Do you have any that you love? 

06 February 2013

My easy cute momma style..

Hiii there! I have been wanting to show you these cute tops that I got at Victorias Secret a couple of months ago! They are really cute and easy and can easily be dressed casual or more dressy. I wear them with my Target leggings. And yes they do cover your toosh and come in different styles and a bunch of colors! 

I put on a cute pair of boots a scarf and some jewelry, and I feel really cute and ready to go! Not to mention comfortable too! 

Here is the other color I have! I love this one because it has this really cute v in the back....

Hat Target

I jazzed it up with a scarf and hat..

I decided to go fancy... and put on this really cute jacket from Urban Outfitters that I just got...
Tops Victorias Secret, Urban Outfitters blazer, Miz Mooz boots, Scarf gifted

You can look at the tops here Victoriassecret.com
I hope you are having a good week!