30 January 2013

Ballard Designs Julian Apothecary floor lamp

So do you not love Ballard Designs? I have loved them for ever it seems like and have just recently bought a few things from them. I had my eye on this floor lamp for a couple of months to go in a little nook by my Pottery Barn chair. But I just did not want to spend $100 on it... well it went on sale last week! And it is still on sale for $69! ballarddesigns.com

This is the before look. I just had a little table and Target lamp there. 

Now with the new lamp! What do ya think? Sometimes I think it is too tall. It puts out pretty good light and swivels around and you can also ajust the height of it. I was also just a few days ago roaming around Home Goods and they had these lamps too I think for around $70. But mine is cooler! So I think I'll keep it. I feel like I have this really cool grown up lamp in my living room now.. like I need to get my pipe out or something.. Ha ha. Now I need to put a little something on that table...

Have a wonderful day!

28 January 2013

Full of stripes..

Hi there! Well it is Monday.. we had a nice weekend not doing too much but did get the garage cleaned out! I was in a serious shopping mood. I actually really don't like to shop all that much anymore, but when the mood strikes I jump on it! I am not that really big of a shopper like a lot of people think. I just try to make different outfits out of what I have. And since we have this new fancy smanchy camera, we thought it would be fun to get going with it!

I had no idea you could have so much fun with editing your pictures on your Mac! Sheeeech.. it's called toddler itis. Ha ha! 

Top and sweater : Express, Scarf: Target  Heels : Target 

I was walking past Express on Saturday and thought I would take a looky look. I don't normally go in there that much anymore, but evidently my Express credit card was dragging me in. I actually found some really cute tops! This peplum top and sweater are two things that I found. Isn't this such a cute top? Oh and by the way I got these snake print heels just a couple of days ago on clearance at Target for $9!! So you had better get your buns over there !Hope you have a fabulous week!

25 January 2013

Victorias Secret Maxi shirt dress...

Hi there! Having a good end of your week? It's friday! We have been going through alot here lately..the stress has been a bit high ..lol. But hopefully this weekend will be nice! I am actually hoping to get a project done here around the house. I want to paint all the doors downstairs black! They are white and I wanna hide the dirt haha and every time I see black doors in someones house, it looks really nice :)
But I did want to show you this dress from Victoria's Secret that I bought on sale $40.00! They still do have it. I love long maxi dresses and so I though this would be a fun dress because wells it's a great price and I don't have a dress like it. I am thinking it could be worn all year long. I wore it with my new booties that I got from Anthropology's on clearance too

Victorias secret Maxi shirt dress, gap belt (old)Victoriassecret.com
I have to admit I just love these booties with this dress! They add a cute funkiness to it! Definitely my favorite outfit right now! Hope you have a great weekend!

15 January 2013

Butter London Fiddlesticks

I love Butter London polishes.. I mean really is it the cute lil bottle? The name? The fact that they make you think that they are made in some cute little boutique over in Europe somewhere? The awesome color choices? Now I have been doing nails for some time now and I just love their color choices! I have been buying them over at Ultas. They are pricey at $14 each but I do wait till I get coupons in the mail and then I will go grab one, or wait till the store puts them on sale.

This one is Fiddlesticks, and it reminds me entirely of ruby slippers on my nails! Pictures never quiet do polish colors justice! I have yet to try the base and top coat. Have any of you? I love too that they are a 3 free company. So if you are looking for some ruby slippers on your nails this is the ONE!!
I hope you are having a great week!