16 June 2016

My poshmark closet

 Recently, well  back in November, I decided to open a account on Poshmark! Have you heard of it? It has been around for a few years. You can sell your used or new clothing and accessories. Its really is a great and easy way to make some quick money and clean out our closet! So that is what I did and sold a lot of clothing I no longer wanted. I was surprised at how fast it sold! But good, bright clean pictures definitely are the key.  And then I got a lil addicted maybe and thought I would try out selling some retail clothing! I am still learning my way around and trying to find great clothing to put in my closet, but I think I have finally gotten there! I am still building my closet, but I thought I would share some of my new items! I am not sure if I will do a post on every time I put new items in, but I am thinking about it...I have been generally adding a few new items once a month.

These new retail items as well as others are now in my closet under the name @lbrooketrout. If you do stop by let me know so I can check out your closet too!

30 May 2016

Summer Express dressing room selfies

Hi there! A couple of days ago I popped on over to Express to look for an outfit for a special occasion that I had coming up, and of course I found way to many cute things going on in there!

The last couple of years I have really liked quiet a lot of the pieces that they have. I feel that a lot of them would stay in my closet for a long time too! These jeans are just ADORABLE! The material was soft and comfortable with a little stretch.. I could definitely live in these all summer! Which would probably explain why there were none in my size..I was totally faking this..lol too big..hopefully I can grab them online! This lil jacket would go with about 90% of my closet!

This is a beautiful maxi! Would be great for all your special occasions you have going on this summer!

LOOOVED this maxi skirt! But I should start off by saying that I live in maxi dresses and skirts in the summer! And this was a winner, great print!

I was not sure about this one but when I got it on I fell in looove! Really soft material and you could wear this everywhere all summer!

I'm not a palm tree girl, but this is a great dress! I love the colors and the shape of it. Longer on the sides and shorter in front and back.. definitely wanted to take this one home...would probably be a good idea anyways to have some palm trees in my closet right??..LOL

Such a cute lil classic shirt dress!This came in a few colors also on sale. Annnnd there is that jacket again! Goes with everythang!

 I liked this lil dress! I pared it with this great goes with just about anything black belt! It was a little short for me, but would be really cute for a date night or girls night out! #classic

         Another great maxi, this one was a little big for me, but you get the idea...

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

21 April 2016

Our new home!

  Hi there! Well it has been almost a month since we have moved in! And let me just start off by saying that I will never be moving again...seriously people what an ordeal! Last time we moved we only had Tessa. Now add in three kiddos and a dog and everything you have collected for the last thirteen years. I really did not think it was going to be that bad because really it is embarrassing if I told you how many times I have moved in my life. But this was a whole new crazy never doing again experience for us, but was totally worth the effort and wait. So here we go! I snapped these pictures quickly tonight so this is how the house is looking now. So of course there is much to do and still boxes to go through but this gives you an idea of the house.

This is the view when you walk in the front door. The office is just there to the left.

Here is the office with our brass daybed that I will be keeping in here as far as I know. Its great for our guests. So this room will still be our office/guest room. I decided for now to try the desk in front of the windows so we can see lake views! We do have four bedrooms and the office, but no guest room. The kids all have their own rooms and someday we will probably finish the basement and put a guest room down there.

The dinning room is to the left as well as a powder room and coat closet.

                                                          Our little mud room..

View of the kitchen from the living room. I will be changing out the lights, just have not decided what to do in the kitchen yet. I have my dinning room chandelier, so I am excited to get that up here soon. We went with white cabinets and faux marble counter tops. We were limited to what we could do in the kitchen. I really want a farm sink eventually and that was not an option that they would give us, so I didn't think that it would make sense to get nice counter tops and not be able to change out my sink. So we will eventually be doing that with a little kitchen remodel.  The only thing we did in the kitchen was upgrade the cabinets with crown molding. We painted the cabinets in our last kitchen, or I should say someones else did it for us and it really did not turn out well. We were really disappointed in them, so I really did not want to mess with that this time around.

This is the View from the kitchen into the living room. We  added rock to the ceiling on the fireplace. So glad we did that! It adds so much to the house. The ceiling is vaulted in the living room so the house has a lot of natural light going on. We also did vinyl flooring in the bathrooms and kitchen. We decided it would be a lot more cost effective to put in our own hardwood floors eventually then having them do it. And honestly with three kids I think this is fine. We are liking the faux wood floors for now.

 That's it for the downstairs area! I will do another post for the upstairs area soon.
 I will probably do a post too in a few months about our home builder and the experience we have had with them. So did I mention that my laundry room is upstairs??!!! (doing the happy dance big time)