24 December 2018

I Have moved! To onprairiehill.com

Hi I have moved..  I am now blogging over at onprairiehill.com
Hope to see you there!

02 October 2018

Almafi coast and some Norweigan cruise pics

 Hey there! I have more pics of our trip that I wanted to share! I really have a lot
here so grab your wine..I think Italy is probably just the most gorgeous place I've ever laid my eyes on..I mean I stood there I don't know how many times just staring wondering if it was really real or not. If you read my last post then you would know that we st off on a cruise through the Mediterranean with two other couples. The Almafi coast my friends is just absolutely breath taking!

We did a private tour through here up to Pompeii for the day. Leugi was our tour guide and we just loved him and the beautiful day we had! These tour guides were just so sweet! We generally had about a hour to two hours at each spot..not really enough time but  enough to get out and about and take in the sights

                                              How gorgeous and cool is this??

 The fruit was absolutely amazing! Could not believe how big produce is there..a lemon was as big as my whole hand. And we were told that they are really sweet there..but we never got a chance to try one. But ohhh the lemon chello was gooood. 


 What stays on a cruise stays on a cruise right??LOL The first night on the cruise was just what these crazy mommas needed to relax or dance all night long. And I just have to say the drinks were just sooo dang good! Best cocktails I have ever had! Good thing we had free drinks..but I love a good amaretto sour and these were the best!

 Not sure where that hat came from BUT evidently I was thoroughly enjoying it..

 This was our room on the cruise just in case you were wondering what it might look like. I thought I would show it since I have my poser posing there .. We just had your basic room no upgrades or window. It wasn't bad and really your not spending a lot of time there so it was ok. We loved having a balcony on our last cruise a few years back but we were trying to save a lil money on this one..maybe next time!

01 August 2018

Florence & wine tasting at a Tuscan castle

 Hey there! We recently decided to take off with some good friends and family (six of us) in June on a crazy 12 day trip through Britain and the Mediterian! We went through the medeterian on a Norweigan cruise where  we were in a ,new, crazy, exciting you better be ready to walk a million miles a day different stop everyyy day! Us girls were really looking forward to this day because we were stopping in Florence and then off to a castle for wine tasting...and it did not dissapoint! his excursion through the cruise line so we were not too sure how it would go since none of us had traveled on this cruise line before. BUT it was great would highly recommend.


   We just couldnt get over those flowers! Well us girls...lol

                                                       walking through a gorgeous alleyway

                                  My husband....evidently Pinocchio comes from Florence...

 This is the Tuscan castle from the 1100's that we went too just gorgeous! Actually I should say the castle shed..check out that lavender tho! When I came home I planted a lot of lavender around the house..lol
Jumper is from Forever21

 View from the front of the Tuscan castle! We just could not quit staring..really?? WOW..so gorgeous it takes a few for your eyes to a just to all the beauty!

Front of castle

 I just love this pic! One of my favorites from the trip from inside the castle

 Trying to get a good picture

 I was not expecting so much food I was thinking just some wine but they really got into it 
and talked a lot about the wine they make and how it has evolved over the years which honestly for what we paid at $150 a person I am glad there was some food..

 This was the cellar of the castle where they still make wine all these years later..a family still owns and lives in the castle...can't even imagine!


I wish that we would of had more time in Florence..only a couple hours. But that is how it goes when your on a cruise you only have so much time at each spot. But we had a awesome day and loved every minute of it! I will talk more about the cruise and what we thought of that too.
We were also in Spain, London, Paris, Rome, too so I'll show those too here soon for you guys! Chow!