17 July 2014

Summer stripes with bows

      Dress is Joa (Shop Bop)
         Stella&Dot bag
        Halogen heels (Nordstoms)

Hi girls! I have to say that this is my favorite outfit of the summer! I was pretty thrilled to find this at a reasonable price for all my shindig outings this summer! I had been looking for a skirt like this, but really was not coming up with anything till I stumbled across this. I just love the pockets too! Dresses with pockets ARE THE BEST! And then in some kind of crazy way I happen to walk right into Nordys and found these white heels. I can't tell you how long I have been looking for  a pair of white heels.. You know the kind where you will never need another pair really again until you wear these out ... I mean really not too high, bows, and studs...sooo cute! I couldn't pay for them fast enough. 
Hope you love!
Have a wonderful week!

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14 July 2014

Monday manicure: Floss Gloss

Floss Gloss: Fast Lane

 Hi Ladies! I have been wanting to show you this newer line of polish that is just beautiful! This color is a vibrant orange red shade that I swear gets brighter the longer you wear it! I would say it's probably more on the neon side too. It's also 5 free so it does have fewer chemicals in it than normal polishes. They also seem to dry more matte than shiny. But that's no biggie when you put top coat on. We have been trying these out at work and so far they have been a hit! Great colors!
I highly suggest this one if you are looking for a really bright, neon looking beautiful color! Awesome for summer!
I also needed to start a new facebook page... (long story) so if you were following me I just thought I would mention that:)

09 July 2014

Style lately

Top: Target
Necklace: H&M
Steve madden booties (Amazon clearance)

Free People tank
New Balance kicks (DSW)
American Eagle jeans

Hey girls! Here are a couple of looks that I have been sporting around here lately! I am loving these new sneakers! I was really excited to find them on clearance for $30! Sooo I had to try them out walkin around a bit;) So I did a little shopping last week and came up with these statement necklaces! Affordable and cute!
Things have been pretty busy around here with broken air conditioner, washing windows and broken sprinklers.. yikes it's like our house is starting to fall apart or something! But I guess that is just how the summertime goes. Jeremy and I spent the holiday weekend catching up with our movies over at the dollar theatre.. the girl kept looking at us funny.. "haven't you guys been here already today??" Ha!
We are hard core like that. We have been so tired that all we wanted to do was hang out and pretty much do nothing. Also found out too that my job will be ending on the 28th.. so bummed but supposedly we will be reopening in the fall at a new location! So I am excited about that just hope all goes well. I am thinking of getting my eyelash extension certificate! I hope to get that done this year if all goes well too. Really excited about it! How do you like my new blog look??I am still working out a few kinks.. but hope it will all be working right here in a few days!
Have a great day!

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