08 August 2016

Best at home long lasting manicure with Dazzle Dry

Hi girls! Some of you may know that I have been a nail tech for almost twenty years, so when I run across something good when it comes to your nails you better believe I will let ya know! Problem is I don't run across much that knocks my socks off so to speak. I guess you could say I'm picky maybe..lol! But! I just have to tell you about Dazzle Dry!! I have been so sooo excited about this polish! Here is why..

First of all if you are looking for something that is healthier for your nails and that is more chemical free and vegan well than you need to try this out! I have always had weak and peeling nails no matter what I would do. I did notice that if I stayed on supplements for nails they did get a little better but not much. The peeling just would never stop and I could never get any length on them before they broke off. Its safe to say it has been a constant aggravating problem my whole life especially working in this industry. But since wearing Dazzle Dry in the last 3 months or so that has gone away! My nails are harder. They also don't peel any more and feel healthier! I'm thrilled!

My Dazzle dry after 14 days! My favorite color in Starry eyed

It is long lasting! I"m not kidding when I say that it will last like a gel polish! I do use two coats of the base coat and my polish will last two weeks! I generally don"t keep it on longer than that because my nails grow so fast. I have never seen nail polish that will last that long! I have three kiddos too so I am busy and it does awesome! One coat of the base will last a week or longer and two will last 2-3 weeks! I would suggest trying out both and see what works best for you.

It is very FAST drying! Five minutes that is all! I love how I can do my nails before heading out the door and not have to worry about smuging them when I dig in my purse!#LOVE

I would suggest a couple of things. First this works as a system with the base, top coat and the nail prep.  It all works together, so doing so will get you the best results. The base coat needs to always look clear. If it starts to look cloudy run it under warm water until it is clear. It's good too to lightly cap the ends of your nails  on every coat. Please don't expect results overnight. I did not start seeing results of my nails getting healthier until after about 10 weeks or so.  My nails though needed a lot of help so if yours don't then you will probably see results sooner. I wore this weekly because of how well it stuck to weak peeling nails..so I was hooked!Lol!! I feel that this is honestly everything you would want in a nail polish! #mynaildreamshavecometrue  Have fun! Let me know how it works for you!

You can order online here dazzledry.com
 They have great customer service so give them a call if you have any questions.

I was not asked or payed to do this post.Just sharing what I love

07 July 2016

New Pottery Barn lights!

 Hi there! Hope you are having a great week! Soo progress! We managed to get these Pottery Barn lights hung up, and they are beautiful! I saw this chandelier back when we were living in the apartment and knew pretty quickly that it would be the one! I just love it when that happens...trying to make a decision on things around our house drives me nuts most of the time and then some things you see and its done! Soo I waited till it was on sale and snagged it at 20% off! What do you think? I am almost feeling a little howtie tootie about it but I think I'm gunna be ok.

We just love too how it lights up the evenings in here too. The dinning room looks awesome with the light going all through the beads. This is my first dinning room and so far I am thrilled with how it is turning out ! I am loving too how it makes quit the statement but is neutral too and can go with a lot of different styles.
I was having a hard time getting good pics but I hope you get the idea. This chandelier is a beast though to hang up! Our electrician had to get another guy to hold it for him..me..lol to get it up, so I would recommend you have help it is pretty darn heavy!
I still have a few things to do in here like get chairs and a rug. Rugs are so hard for me! Especially with kids and a lil dog I really don't want to spend too much ya know? So I am still looking for rugs in here and my living room. As for chairs I am thinking of going with navy blue wing back end chairs that make a little bit of a statement. I actually found some at Target online, so I might just go with those. As for the other chairs I have no idea. I keep looking through craigslist for something so maybe that will pay off here soon. Isn't craigs list great?

The other light that I purchased on sale there is this gorgeous star light! I am so excited to get going on my lil entry way makeover! I have BIG plans for it people! I have wanted this light in my entryway for quit a while acually since my last house, but had already put something up, so it got pushed back to never getting it done.

It looks beautiful also in the evenings really lighting up this part of this house! I also did just see this on Amazon or overstock so you might check their prices too if this is a light you want. I was thinking too that a couple of these would look beautiful on a back patio!

We have been so busy its nice to get some bigger things done! Now I gotta get goin on those kitchen lights! 

I was not paid or asked to do this post. Just sharing what I love

16 June 2016

My poshmark closet

 Recently, well  back in November, I decided to open a account on Poshmark! Have you heard of it? It has been around for a few years. You can sell your used or new clothing and accessories. Its really is a great and easy way to make some quick money and clean out our closet! So that is what I did and sold a lot of clothing I no longer wanted. I was surprised at how fast it sold! But good, bright clean pictures definitely are the key.  And then I got a lil addicted maybe and thought I would try out selling some retail clothing! I am still learning my way around and trying to find great clothing to put in my closet, but I think I have finally gotten there! I am still building my closet, but I thought I would share some of my new items! I am not sure if I will do a post on every time I put new items in, but I am thinking about it...I have been generally adding a few new items once a month.

These new retail items as well as others are now in my closet under the name @lbrooketrout. If you do stop by let me know so I can check out your closet too!