29 March 2013

After sundown..

Hi Girls! Happy Friday! Well I can say that Jamison has been sleeping for the last three nights! We are starting to feel a little human again! We think it has something to do with theses jammies.. he wears them and sleeps a lot better! Maybe he is just getting cold at night? So you can imagine I am running around town like nuts trying to find more because we only have one pair!Let's face it he is a MESS ALL THE TIME so we need more!
My other little man took these pics! It costs me some quarters :) but I think he does a pretty good job! He is my little photographer! This skirt is my favorite piece of clothing! I bought it at Bebe's some years ago. I do not get to wear it that often so when I do I just love it! So you will see it again:) I love this purse too. It's actually from my mother in laws closet.. here is how the story goes.. Yeah so you know that purse you were using last month? I am pretty sure it was calling my name and I think you need to let me barrow that one! And then she forgets about them.. that usually works out great for me:):)

Jewelry:Stella&Dot Purse: Dooney&Burke Skirt: Bebes (old)Jacket: Marshalls Top: Jcrew (old)

We are going to a nice dinner at Melting Pot tonight! I just LOVE their dessert fondue! Ohh man is it good! We hardly ever go, So I will be stuffing my face! If you have not been there you should definitely go! It is a really fun way to eat! I will share pics next week. Have a nice weekend!

28 March 2013

Can we get some laundry room love up in here?

Hello there! I have been having my laundry room on my mind alot lately. I have had it in my mind to clean and organize my entire house...so I started in the kitchen making my way over into the laundry room. It's just the little pit of despair! What makes it worse too is that it is right next to the back door in the tiny entrance that we have. I want it puurrty and functional ond very organized so when I walk in the back door I smile! So here are some fun pics for you to drool over! Now my laundry room is nowhere anythinng close to being these sizes it is tiny.. so I am thinking of how to make it with more space.. hopefully next week I can at least get it painted...

25 March 2013

my new ombreish hair..

I decided I wanted a little bit of a change for spring, but was not quiet sure what I wanted. I wanted a ombre in a way. So I ended up with this and I really like it! She just did some blondish foils underneath so that I felt like I had a nice change without going to much. She acually did an ombre, but we just did it light. She said there are so manys ways you can go about doing an ombre! 
It is hard to see it here I just used my I phone for pics. It does not look like I did much but maybe with some future posts you can see it better! I also got a keratin treatment. That was my first time doing that..have you done that before? Well here is my new week to new hair! I needed it! Have a great week chicas!

22 March 2013

Change things up

Hi there! Hope you had a good week! As for us we have been a little sick again this week.. just in time for spring break..lol

Dress: Target (old) Jacket: Urban outfitters Shoes: Ross (old) Purse: Stella&Dot
I am pretty excited I got my hair done yesterday.. can't wait to show you! I think I found my new hair girl! I wore my hair more straight in these pics but now that I am looking at them I really am not liking it! But it is always good to change things up right?  I think we will be laying low doing taxes this weekend but you have a great weekend!

19 March 2013

My new Target mirror!

     Out of the corner of my eye I saw this waving its hand to me the other day at Target...
What a cool mirror? Where could I possibly put that?? Btw..do you like my new black door?
I am on a mission to organize and throw out a bunch of stuff in hopes that it makes our family feel calmer and organized or me so I am working on organizing this little spot..

     So it went home with me and hangs in my entryway now!

  They really are having some great mirrors there now! I am even thinking of one that I might use for our bathroom mirrors.. I am pretty sure that Target is going to take over the world. When nothing left is standing, yup Target will still be there!

 Have a great day!

18 March 2013

Daytime nightime with Stella and Jessica..

   Well hello there!  Spring break has started for us! How about you? Doing anything fun? It seems like it always creeps up on us and we get nothing planned. But at the same time its hard right now to get going with these kiddos. Jamison is still not sleeping well at night and he is eighteen months old! What are we missing up in here? He is just the most stubborn baby I have ever seen! So needless to say we are pooped it seems like all the time! So this is my go to outfit lately.. don't want to mess with my 4 day old hair..check ,throw on a hat.. check, throw on a comfy warmish top...check. cute flats..check. Changed my undies..check . Smell half way decent..check . Wait ya know I am pretty certain I took a bath last night..Lol. You moms know what I'm talkin about;) Which actually reminds me about this  lotion I need to talk to you guys about hmmmm.......

  I really have four children....

Top:J crew outlet (old) Jeans: American Eagle Shoes: Target Purse: Stella& Dot sunglasses: Rayban warrior

  But then we decided to go out... not really I am just playin make believe ;) But I wanted to show you how easy it would be to make this into a fun night out outfit in a flash!

I think I forgot to open my eyes in this one ...and I think I am starting to rethink these wedges..they should come with a warning label that says..Should not wear if you have any more than two children who are not over the age of five.. Three kids?? FORGET IT

 I threw on my leather jacket, switched my shoes, put on some jewelry, Grabbed my colorful Jessica Simpson purse and sprayed quickly some dry shampoo into my hair and threw it up in a messy bun... maybe I will wash it tomorrow..lol

Shoes: Target (old) Bag: Jessica Simpson Jewelery: Stella&dot Jacket: can't remember (old)
Thank you for stopping by! I think I am going to start doing this more with my outfit posts ..maybe doing two different looks, just changing excessories..so stay tuned yo! If you are a momma say hi! I would love to connect with some others mommas out there! Have a great day!

15 March 2013


Good morning!  When we were in Boulder a couple weeks ago I picked up this really cute top at Billabong I feel like there are so many different ways you could wear this and it will be a keeper in my closet for awhile! So can we talk about jeans here for a minute? I have to say that jeans and me are not good friends right now. Lol! I have bought some over at American Eagle Outfitters but it's like I am a inbetweener a tweener.. I just can't find anything that stays on and fits nice without them starting to fall down around my knees in five minutes. Or they are just too tight. What's a girl to do? I need to do some serious jean shopping that's what...but I hate shopping for jeans! Maybe I can just be saggy bottom girl for a little while longer? haha 
 Hopefully we will have a quiet relaxing weekend, the kiddos are off for Spring break so who knows what kind of craziness can happen up in here!
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend!

Top: Billabong Blazer: Marshalls Jeans : American Eagle Purse:Jessica Simpson Shoes: Ross (old) Jewelery:Vintage from grandmother sunglasses: Ray ban warriors


12 March 2013

New Target shoes!

Hello there! Just a quick lill post for you today to show you my new cute Target shoes! They look just like Toms! I of course had to get the black sparkly ones, but they come in a lot of different colors!
I am always looking for cute flats to run around in, and I am thinking these will go with alot!

I have not had any Toms yet so I don't know how they compare, but I think they are really cute and worth sharing!

11 March 2013

Nuggets & Clippers game!

Hi there! Hope your week is starting off good! I wanted to share some fun pics from Thursday night. Jeremy was able to get some  suite tickets through work for the nuggets game! 

They had a cupcake stand, but they were so expensive! $5.75 a piece! And they were not worth it! Akk! Well you know I had to try one! I was not going to pass those up!

Have you seen a baby Tabasco before? My father in law was getting a kick out of them.."Brooke! take a picture of one"! They are so cute.. one went home with me :):)
It was a great night off with free food and goodies! We really needed it! My sister and her husband acually came over and took the kids for the WHOLE night so we just stayed in a hotel and went home Friday evening.. so nice for this momma to get some sleep and a little break! Thank you soooo much Blair and Tony!! 
I hope you have a great week and thank you so  much for taking the time to drop by!

06 March 2013

On my love list..

Target flowers..

 Best books ever..I think I need to do a post on this alone.. get going!
 you will not regret it and you will love me for it!

 I love my black licorice! This is my fav..

 Serenity!!? Well it is right here in this lil ol bottle of essential oil goodness..helps me feel more calm and less stressed out Great for mommas!

Loving my new black front door.. yes? Well my house is yellow after all...

My so lovely fancy smanchy Stella&Dot earrings.. that I might add go with everything!

And... dreaming of being here in Napa