26 April 2012

Our sweet boys...

Well almost end of the week and I am pretty stinking tired of this cold now. Want out of this house! Need to go work out, but last time I did that I was jogging and my boobie pad decided it was going to fly out and almost hit the guy besides me. Reminder to my self to always use the sticky ones...how in the world do you go about that gracefully?  Leaving for Vegas on Monday and I have a little shopping I wanna do! Dying to go to H&M but it is about an hour away.We will be there four full days.. A little bit too long for me, but that's ok. Maybe I will get a massage or something? I need to relax and chill...but I had to share this pic of the boys. For sure the best one so far!
Love Brooke

24 April 2012

This little plant of mine..

Don't you just love it when you can make a small change to something around your home and it just makes that area so much better? I have this little plant and It was in a plain white pot. I went into the bathroom and it occurred to me you know one of those ah haaa moments.. but anyway I have this stinkin cute little pot that I keep on the sink, and I just thought why does that not have anything in it?? So I fixed that real quick! Now I love looking at my kitchen sink...

23 April 2012

on my nails...

Heellooo! Hope you are having a great Monday! Just thought I would have a little fun with my nails.. seems like too that anything goes for nails lately. I don't think I have ever seen people go bonkers so much with all the new nail designs. I love it! I have on what I put on my toes.. A little matchy matchy goin on here! Base coat Mavala Barrier base, coat of Creative nail design Sticky, China glaze Fuchsia Fanatic, China glaze material girl glitter, Top coat is Mavala Colorfix.

19 April 2012

Bens art work

Ben came home last night so excited about his art work at the mall! So we had to go over there and see what he made. I asked him , "so what is it Ben?" He said "it's me hugging you mom, well acually it's me hugging both of you!" Love that kid he is so so darn sweet all the time! ( yes those are handcuffs on his arm..he loves his accesories..:)
Love Brooke

18 April 2012

Moma got grass..

 Well I finished second book on the Hunter Games last night wondering how this is going to end! Now I am trying to get sick. So far it has just been a cruddy week and the laundry monster has decided to attack, and I am losing big time :)  So while doing the dishes this morning I thought I should bring out this neat little gift I received when Jamison was born. My grass... or should I say my little dish rack grass thingy. ( I have been watching a lot of Weeds lately) Isn't it cute? I think It holds the water bottles great! and you know we have a ton of those! Works great too for Jamisons spoons, ect.  I am diggin it.
You can get your at Target:)
 Besides that we are bouncing a lot today! I know he does not feel that good and his little nose just wont stop running..but we don't care cause we are bouncing.....

17 April 2012

Best cuticle cream!

 If you have dry cracked cuticles like I do ;), then you are not going to get very far on getting those beautiful nails! In order to have nice healthy nails the skin a round them needs to be healthy. I have always had a problem with this. Oils never seemed to work,Maybe on the surface a little but I felt like they never really got the job done. Living in Colorado does not help either when you feel like you have to drench yourself in lotion everytime you get out of the shower!  So try some of this.. Mavala nailactan.  They have the best stuff for your cuticles! I always tell everyone about it when they ask because it is by far the best I have used! I love it because bnot only does it condition your cuticles but it feeds your nails what they need to be awesome! It nurshes your matrix at the base of your nail so they grow out healthy strong but flexable...but there is a trick :) You have to use it on a daily basis or you will not see results. Using it once or twice a week wont work. So before you go to bed every night get serious about those nails and slather it on.. When I do this I defenitly see results. You can purchase it on Amazon.

16 April 2012

It was a great fun filled family weekend and also a sad weekend..jeremy lost his grandma Tina this weekend..Love you grandma thank you so much for being such a inspiration to your family. I am so glad that I was able to have you in my life with my children..You gave me a new appreciation for a lot of things. I have never really had any grandparents so thank you for filling that for me in the best way...and thank you for my new appreciation for all things leopard..and loving my kids the way you did..see you soon Grandma Tina, can't wait to see you dance..

 Mom and Jim were here this last weekend! Blair flew in and we looked at houses with mom found some good ones and then we spent some time with Aunt Beth . We also went to our first Vegetarian resturant in Denver called City O City. (now that Beth is vegan) I have to say that it was really good and I would love to do it more! I have been dabbling over the last couple of years with not eating so much meat and dairy. So I am pretty excited to have a buddy now to share things with! But I do draw the line when it comes to cake. No wheat free egg free cakes for me.. I draw the line when it comes to my cake.

09 April 2012

White heels, pearls and glitter...

So I thought I would share what I wore over the weekend...I bribed my sweet girl into taking pictures for me..I think she did pretty good! Not bad for her first time. she does love to take pictures. I wanted pics of the whole family ,but we are not that together or organized to acually get all five of us together for one. Tessa did though wear that dress from blairs wedding, just so you know :) She was the most foofiest girl around! I kept telling Jeremy that he looked like a big easter egg...he was not going for that. As for me I was pretty excited that I got the heels last minute from Marshalls. You know I could not find any white heels this time of the year??  Anyway we had a quiet weekend nice dinner out with family saturday night and the rest of the weekend we spent working on taxes..but Iam happy to say wahoooie! All that work payed off and momma is getting a decent refund!  But Iam defenitly looking forward to the week. getting carpets cleaned tomorrow and family comming in on Thursday for the weekend.. Oh yeah did I mention to that I want to model for Stella&Dot?? Hello??? are you out there Stella&Dot?? hehe.....it's going to be a good week!

(Dress BCBG TJMax, White heels Jessica Simpson Marshall's ,Stella Dot Sophia pearl necklace  Stella&dot.com/brooke)

06 April 2012

On my toes...

I love polishing my toes all cute and funky! So here are my pink toes today. Polish is China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic (pink). Glitter is China Glaze Material Girl.  This is great glitter too! Most glitters you have to put on many coats to get it on there good, but this is pretty thick glittter! IM LOVING IT! Got it in gold too, ooooohhhhh going to have to figure out what Iam going to do with that! The pink is really pretty too I feel like this picture does not really do it justice....so I think Iam going to have to grab a new camera! Have a fabulous weekend......  Love Brooke

05 April 2012

A fast getaway

Jamison and I took off to Cali this last weekend..for a nice relaxing time with grandma Suz and Papa.  Just a quick little getaway to get my myself a little refreshed again, kinda :)
 Yup that is a snail you see there on moms suculants. There were  a couple and they always seem kinda cool because we don't have those in colorado really...so my mom decided then to try and get them off and tried to pick one off and it broke and we both freaked out and got all grossed out! Oh it was funny was the highlight of our relaxing hanging out watchin movies weekend...