27 September 2012

A New rolling pin and kitchen chairs!

Hi there! So what do you think about our new chairs at the end of the table? I know it is a dark picture. We love them! It occured to me last weekend that we did not have enough seats for everyone so I told Jeremy to run over to cost Plus to get these. I have had my eye on them for a long time but Cost plus is so far away that I just never got around to it. Well we got a Cost Plus in town and it is awesome! As soon as I am better I will be heading over there! They are not too big either so they don't feel like they are these big honking chairs taking up all this space. They add a different texture into the room too that is cool. The color of them also matches the buffet perfect. I just was playing around with that too..maybe I will show you later :) Well I just can't wait till my other peeps get here to have dinner with us!
Grandma cooking her famous beef noodles for us

My first rolling pin ....
Oh! Wait here is a better picture of the chair ...you know the kids love modeling :):)
Love Brooke xoxo

17 September 2012

Sunday gold and paisleys..

Hi guys! I hope you are having a great Monday! I am having a bit of a slow morning, not feeling too well, but getting something on and taking a nice shower helps. :)I thought I would post what I wore yesterday for my Sunday getup
Dress Cira's Jewelry Stella & Dot

This is one of my favorite dresses. I bought it a couple of years ago for I think about $60. I always get complements on it. I think I will probably always keep it. I was also having a bad hair day..I am trying out a new shampoo you could say and it's not doing me any favors. I will take more on that later. Not very good pics I know... ( no purse, sorry hair, sick )but i just love wearing this dress and now I can finally fit back into it! I did feel a lot better too getting out of the house, even though it does wear me out. Can't wait to get some energy back, driving me nuts!
We had a quiet weekend not much going on..but Jeremy did manage to get me down to H&M store. That was fun, actually found a lot of great pieces! I found a vintage Fleet Wood Mac T shirt there!! I about died! It was great! But I could not find one in my size and it was $25..really? So that was the highlight of my weekend. Haha. Have a great day!
Love Brooke xo

14 September 2012

What I am loving this week..

Helllooo! So have I shown you my newly painted kitchen? We got it finally painted last week! We still have the floor and lights to put over the kitchen island, and some end chairs, but we are loving it! Jeremy keeps saying how much he loves it :) I was having some fun today with decorating some things in there..I am still not feeling very good. Grandma is here today helping me with Jamison, so I probably should not be doing much, but I can't help it! When the inspiration strikes! Haha! 

I am also loving this new meal from Kashi! It is so stinkin good for a frozen meal! It has veggies with lots of good whole grains. I am actually really surprised at how good it is, and I feel healthy eating it too.Good stuff manard. they have a spicy one too,  tried it but did not like it as much. So if you are looking for a new lunch definitely try this one out!
And....... this is pretty much how I am feeling every day.. but at least I have my jewelry on. 
Love Brooke xo

10 September 2012

Jamison a year old!!

Yes..prepare yourselves for some pictures this morning..
 I cannot say enough about this last year. Never did we think that this beautiful sweet little boy would come into our lives! I was sure we were having a girl at that! haha! But I loved that we kept it a surprise because he has been quiet the surpise to us. What can I say? He has completed our family in a way that makes me thrilled about my family every day! I love the fact that he is so different from Ben and Tessa with those big blue eyes. I feel like this last year has been a complete blur, (probably because of the lack of sleep, and surgeries haha) Jeremy and I cannot get enough of him! I feel so blessed and fortunate to have what I have in my life. I could never ask for anything better! I have more than I thought I ever would. Nothing is better than family. My loves...

2 weeks to go..

my first swing!

7 months... at the zoo

8 months...

Jamison a month old  October 2011

the big day!

05 September 2012

Kitchen shelves and painted cabinets!

Hi! Hope your Wednesday is going good! I told Jeremy I would take care of Jamison today..so hopefully I can manage that ok. So I got our shelves finally yesterday in the kitchen! We are really liking them. I was worried they might be too high, but I think they are good. You htink so?Bob the builder is also painting the kitchen cabinets and he also put on some details to the kitchen island and crown molding! It was a good day! It was fun watching him taking it from a builder grade kitchen to more of a hoity toity custom grade kitchen! 
What do you guys think?  I got that platter at Marshalls for $7 a while back and thought I will use that some day..I think it looks really cool there! I will probably tweek it some more and play with it but I think it looks great right now. The little nail holes are bugging me so I will have  to fix that by covering them with some paint..well that is what Bob the builder told me to do...:) 

 Check out that molding!
And here it is as of last night. Bob will be back today to do another coat of paint then he said he would be buy tomorrow to put the doors back up after he spays them. Jeremy and I are so excited! And we really need some excitement around here! So then all we will have to do is put pendant lights above the island and a new floor.. I will be back with new pics hopefully tomorrow or Friday! 
Love Brooke xoxo

03 September 2012

Afternoon in Estes Park..

 Hi! Hope you guys had a nice realxing day! We decided to take a nice drive up to estes Park and get out of town for the afternoon, and evadently so did everyone else :).. The kids decided to stay with their cousin so we just had Jamison. We had a great time with a great parking spot wich helped us very much in our getting some ice cream and carmel corn. Glad we went now we are exhausted... My baby is going to be a year old here soon..can't quiet get over that. He is walking like crazy and just cracking us up! He is such a cool baby... night
                                                         Love Brooke xoxo