31 May 2012

Todays look.. and my new Jessica Simpson bag!

 Hi! I was at Target getting my groceries as couple days ago and saw this cute maxi dress.. I love maxi dresses, I will probably be wearing them all summer! Easy, comfy, and there is something so fun and girlie about them! I went over to DSW shoe wear house on Saturday and saw this Jessica Simpson bag. Had to have it!! I love her stuff! SO this is my new baby bag as of now.. probably for the summer. I had to show you too my Stella&Dot earrings that I just got too! They are awesome! I probably won't really wear them around town running errands ( I am more a a stud earring kinda girl) but I will be definitely wearing them with  this outfit on Sunday!
Brooke xo

30 May 2012

Happy anniversary Tony & Blair!!

 Don't know hwat I was thinking! I should of posted this yesterday! Haha. I don't have much of a brain lately ..maybe i should start with some coffee??  I can't believe it has already been two years! Has gone by so fast! You have come so far Blair and doing so well! You and Tony make just the cutest couple, and I am so glad that you have found the love of your life and we love him too! Can't wait to share more of our lives together and go golfing! Happy anniversary!

29 May 2012

Well we had a really nice lazy 3 day weekend! We did nothing really except we did shop a little on saturday and do some breakfast at the Silver grill..so stinkin good! I started reading a new book called The Language of flowers. I am really liking it! Jamison has been fussy with at least four teeth coming in. Ben was cracking us up all weekend about food. The boy wants to eat! Every time we were out in about he would start talking about this resturant or this place just naming off all this food that he wanted to eat for dinner or the next day. It was too funny! You just had to be here. He must be going through a growth spurt.. Tessa well she hung out with grandma a little bit. She is just too cute! She has a cute sense of style! She is so cute ,funky,funny... I am excited too because we are getting our bathroom done next week so I will be getting things together for that this week. I am so indecisive about it...but I will keep ya posted.

Brooke xo

27 May 2012

Stella&Dot Memorial day weekend sale!!

Stella&dot is having their memorial day sale! Select items are half off!!
You can see the sale at my website to the link on the right!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

A rainy day moma style

  It has been a dreary day here today. You know one of those days where you just want to lay in bed all day and watch great movies and do nothing. I got absolutely nothing done! And the day seemed to just speed by. But I am almost done with the Hunger Games.. yikes! did not see that coming! Ha ha . I won't give it away..The kids had their field day today and now they are at grandmas for the night which is good for us because jeremy had  medical stuff today going on and he needs to lay low. So I guess it will be a movie weekend! Hopefully we can get to a movie! Here are some pics for ya with my favorite sweat shirt dreary kinda day top. I love it! Even the color makes me feel better and cozy too! I was actually going to do a little review on Kohl's jeans.. I got a whole cute outfit going out with the girls outfit, but I can't seem to find them! I have been selling clothes the last couple of days..did I sell them maybe?? Would not surprise me, I have been so exhausted! But I did find some stellar jeans at the consignment store for only $25 beans! Citizens of humanity too! Pretty soon I am going to have to find little tooth pics to keep my eye lids open..  Drive home safely Blair! See ya soon
Top is from J Crew outlet
Brooke xo

24 May 2012

In a hair rut...

This is my favorite! I think I will try this this summer!
  I need to really do something with my hair..Is it just summer or does everyone go through this?To color or not to color. To cut or not to. I generally like to do fun stuff with my hair. In October I did pink highlights underneath my hair so it just peaked out here and there. It was really fun but did fade quickly. I am always in some kind of indecision about my bangs..should I grow them out or do bangs?? Bangs are alot of up keep and they grow fast! My hair grows really fast . It is hard too to find someone to cut them just right. I did learn though that you need to ask them to round your bangs if you want them more like this Bridget Bardot pic . More layered look. If you do not say that then they will just cut them stright across . Not a look I like espically becausse it makes me look like I am 15! Ha ha. But since I have a thin face maybe it makes better sense? I do love though to not have bangs because I can just through my hair back and it is no biggie.  Being a mom of three you need easy hair most days. Oh hair you drive me nuts! ! I am loving that ombre color highlights! I think maybe in July I will be doing something fun ! I will keep ya posted! I have  found some cool pics on pinterest..one I especially love

I have loved pink hair ever since racheal Mcadams did this some years ago! I have always loved her!

Brooke xo

22 May 2012

Chillin at dads house..

We took off to my dads house on Saturday! We needed to catch up and Jamison needed to climb.. Today was a great day though! Other than being so stinkin exhausted, we got a refund check in the mail from the hospital! Yeah!! Dont have to pay them anymore! That was a nice surprise! Sold some of my clothes and made a good chunk of money to go buy more! Ha ha So overall even though I can hardly keep my eyes open it has been a great afternoon!  Love Brooke

21 May 2012

Got my invisaligns today!

 I am so excited to say that I am finally getting my teeth fixed! My bite has gotten so bad again over the years that something needed to be done! (other than the fact I live in jaw pain and headaches almost on a daily basis..) So I was really excited when I was told that I could get invisalign instead of braces! No more braces for me thank you very much! Ha ha . I was expecting not to be able to talk very well, or for them to be more thick or more doctor appointments, but I so far am pleasantly surprised how thin they are and I really am not that self conscious of them at all. I can talk fine too! No lisp :) I don't go back for twelve weeks! I just pop in a new pair every two weeks! They even gave me a be dazled t-shirt..because I am cool like that. So far I am jiggidy jiggidy down...

16 May 2012

My Stella&Dot...

 I just ordered some new stella and dot and I got a box full of goodies! I love how they know us women all so well. Even the cardboard box is pretty on the inside! I think I need to show off some of this stuff and do some fashion posts?? Well we will see if I can get some decent pictures. And some sleep! If you are interested, the May specials for Stella&dot are 25% off the La Coco necklaces and the mom charms and initial charms! You get to my website on my link to the right..  Have a lovely day!

15 May 2012

Our white box got some knobs..

   I have to say we really like our new entertainment center! It gives us so much more storage for the kids, and it really fills up some wall space in our living room. We were really wanting to try something from Ikea, so we went for it! The price was right, and it was way better than spending three to four thousand dollars on one! So I ran over to Target and got some little bronze knobs on clearance that only cost me about $13 for all twelve of them! Score! I think it made a huge difference! Seemed to make it warmer. I also changed the mirror to  the two sun mirrors also from target. I think I need a lamp in there now, just not sure what to put there, probably some new pillows for the chair too..

14 May 2012

Girls night out and flowers

  Friday night myself and some of my girlfriends decided to get ourselves together! We don't do it that often maybe only a couple times a year which is probably a good thing..I am getting too old for this! Ha ha! Next time I will be bringing my uber cool water bottle with a lemon to make it fancy smancy.. Besides that I am the worst light weight ever!  But it was much needed! Oh and I found out too Blair that evidently the blond here I am hanging out with her name is Kristy, and her husband met you one time back in the day I guess when you meet up with us at a party with your boyfriend.. he told Kristy "oh yup I am in love!!" He was totally crushing on you!! Lol! What isn't that like at least three now?What is it with you blonde's??? LOL!