26 April 2013

Ruffles and pearls

Top: Gap (old) Skirt: J Crew outlet  Purse, necklace: Stella& Dot  Bracelet: Forever 21(old) Heels: Banana Republic
Ray Ban sunnies 

Hi! Yup I am lovin my little ruffly blouse right now..I picked this skirt up at J Crew outlet I think for around $30 and did not realized how much I would love the two together till I made it home and stood there staring at my closet like I normally do. I think I need more of these colors around! Or changing my outfit 5 times before I head out the door. Do you do that too? Jeremy would really like for me to give that one up..lol. But now he just comes in and say Changing again?? Yup he's totally use to it, well I just like to say I have trained him well.. buwahahahaha! Have a wonderful day and a great weekend!

25 April 2013

Pink gingham in the snow..

Hello there! Well the weather has been crazy this last couple of weeks so I was excited to get outside! I think we are in for some much needed warm weather this weekend! My tulips are smashed! But that is Colorado for ya! I decided to pull this little cute blouse out of the closet that I always forget that I have. It seems to be going with a lot that I have going on lately, ruffles and everything... Hope you are having a wonderful day! Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Top: Gap (old)  Jeans: American Eagle Purse: Jessica Simpson (old) Stella&Dot necklace

23 April 2013

My San francisco get away! Part 1

   Hi! Thought I would share all the fun I had in California a couple weeks ago! These pics are from the day that we went into San Francisco and visited the Ferry building.  We had a really nice time just walking around and enjoying the sun and nice weather! We stopped at this amazing restaurant for lunch in there called the Slanted Door. It was the best Vietnamese food I have ever had! Everything was so fresh! You have to go next time you are there! Our new favorite restaurant ! The Ferry building is full of neat little finds and restaurants, baked goods, and fun little stores! Glad I finally made it over there and got myself a little pot of chocolate and cream and spend some good time with my parents! I never want to leave there! I just love it! Have a wonderful day!

19 April 2013

My Favorite shampoo..Doterra SanoBella

 I thought I would share my fav shampoo today in case someone comes across this looking for something new!
I keep switching around and can never seem to find shampoo that I like even with the professional brands. It gets pretty aggravating since I dont like to mess with my hair a whole lot. Everything seems to weigh it down, or I have to wash it again right away. But here are the reasons as to why this is my fav so far.
  A little goes a long way. I hardly have to use any and only wash it once. It will also keep my hair from looking like it needs to be washed again for about 3 days sometimes 4! I really like that because I don't want to wash it much, I think it is bad for my hair. It smells great! It has essentials oils of lime, orange, lavender and peppermint! They will also last me for about 5-6 months! Yup! you read me right! Doterra is a wonderful company with wonderful products in my opinion and everything I have ever tried I just love! And what's not to love about using products better for you? If you would like to try it for yourself you can email me for more info or contact a local Doterra consultant in your area! Have a great weekend!

17 April 2013

Zoya Natty polish

It is crazy with the snow around here! Kids are out of school today and we are not  going anywhere! I think it has not quit snowing in a couple of days.. so ready for the warmer weather but we do need the moisture. I just need to figure out what I am going to do with these kiddos today! So I thought I would share this color I picked up in California last week. I have not shared a polish color in a long time! It's by Zoya called Natty. I am not a fan of blue polish at all I have to say.. but this color is really pretty and different. I think a lot of blues just make you look pale and well I think they are just tacky..lol But this has a cool blue grey look to it! Should I even say I think it looks classy and cool and even a little unexpected? Yup. My mom kept saying to me ohh get that one! And she is a pretty classy lady.. So if you are looking for a new blue color definitely try this one out! Have a wonderful day!

15 April 2013

OOTD two ways..

Dress: J Crew outlet Purse: Jessica Simpson (old) Black heels: Nine west (old) Flats: Steve Madden DSW
Stella&Dot bracelets Scarf: J Crew (Old)

Hi there! It is snowing like crazy here today! I think we are up to 6 or 7 inches! So I decided to spring things up a bit and share this really cute J Crew outlet dress that I got on clearance! It is such a great bright coral orange color! I don't know about you, but for me when I shop there it is usually a hit or miss. Either I want everything in there or not one thing at all. But I was glad to pick up some really cute pieces! Hope you have a great week! Thanks so much for stopping by!

12 April 2013

Cute Express black&white tank!

Top: Express  Jeans: American Eagle  Necklace: Stella&dot

Hi girls! I bought this tank at Express and I think it will be one of my go to's this summer! Doesn't it have such a cute back? Sorry the pics are a little dark, but I did not want to miss sharing this one! You could wear it a lot of different ways with a blazer, jean jacket, with a maxi skirt or pencil skirt, I could go on! And it is neutral enough to wear just about any necklace with it! 

11 April 2013

Cherry branches..

Hellloo there! So I have been feelin pretty branchie lately..lol, and have been wanting some cool branch or twiggy something in the house. For some reason it is hard to find stuff like that around here, but I was thinking that I would run over to Whole Foods and for sure they would have something! Sure enough they have these cool cherry branches that were only $10 for the bunch! I am just loving them! I keep moving them around the house! They add a nice touch to my mantle too.. for some reason I just can't seem to figure out how I want to decorate that thing.. I have no idea how long they will last but I was hoping for a couple of weeks... you think?

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Have a great day!

10 April 2013

The girl with the pearl earring..

During my recent trip this last week my mom want  to get over to the de young museum to see Girl with a pearl earring.. It was wonderful! What a experience! I knew about this painting and have also seen the movie with Scarlett Johansen, but to see it is amazing! This is considered the Monet of dutch paintings! So if you are in the area you don't want to miss this! This was my first time making it to a museum to see a famous painting, and I am so glad we went! My mom is just cool like that :) And then don't forget to go home after and watch the movie:)

We acually went to the wrong museum first.. lol

I will have more of my pics up soon from San Francisco! Had such a nice momma break!

08 April 2013

Foolin around with my moma!

Well it seems as though I will not be making it home from California tonight, but as you can tell I am doin alright..
My flight got cancelled and so I will be spending another night here with  mom! Looks like there will be some bad weather moving in tonight in Colorado, so who knows when I will be making it home..and I am going on 5 days with no kiddos... and yes I did take those glasses home with me..  

We had a great time in San Francisco at the Ferry building checking out all the goodies.. and ate at the Slanted Door Resturant! Best vietnamese food I have ever had..SOOO STINKIN GOOD! Well here is to the next couple of days! Hahaha!

04 April 2013

Easy dinner Nacho chicken

Hi there! I wanted to share this really good easy dinner that my family loves! Nacho chicken! 

You will need
4 organic chicken breasts
Nacho Doritos
2 tsp Italian seasoning
 1 cup Veganaise or mayonnaise 
Heat oven to 350. Put a couple teaspoons of Italian seasoning in your mayonnaise , then you want to put in one bowl. Crunch up a bunch of Doritos and put in another bowl. Dip chicken in mayonnaise then in nachos. Then you want to put the chicken in a baking dish. I then slice off a little bit of butter to put on the top of each one.Bake until chicken is cooked through. 30-45 min depending on how thick the breasts are. I usually eyeball everything so you might need more mayonnaise or italian seasoning depending on your taste buds. I have been using Veganaise and it tastes great and is a healthy alternative and tastes the same! No one even notices! :)  Enjoy!

03 April 2013

My new fiddle fig leaf tree!

I Have had my eye on one of these trees for awhile now and thought that one would look great in this corner of our living room. we have faulted huge ceilings so I thought it might work out well. What do you guys think?  I just love it! It is more beautiful than I thought it would be! I still need to find something to put it in so I am on the hunt! 
My girlfriend works for a company that takes care of plants so she was able to get it wholesale for me, or else I would of never spent the money on one! (Jamison was catching up on his Elmo:):)
I only hope I don't kill it...

02 April 2013

Date night at the Melting Pot

 Hi there! Hope you had a nice weekend! Jeremy and I Friday night went out with his cousin and wife for their anniversary to the Melting Pot! It did not disappoint, and I decided to do something a little different this time and I got the vegetarian plate! It was fun to try something new and get away for a couple of hours! I am really bummed that I forgot to take some pics of the chocolate! The best part!We were all in a Chocolate coma! Have a great week!