28 March 2012

Best base coat and top coat for nails

  So are you looking to get that polish to stay on longer than two days?? I think every girl out there who loves to do her nails wants it to last longer than that right? well I will tell you today what I have found that works pretty darn good and also will condition your nails too!
 I love to do my nails but found that if I did not use Mavala, I just wont do them. Iam supper picky about them and wont spend the money to go get them done either. With all the years I have worked at salons Mavala has been the only thing I have come across that really works. I use the Mavala Barrier Base(conditioning base coat) first after I clean my nails good of all oils then maybe a very light buff to get rid of any dead skin. Then two coats of polish. After that you want to use Mavala Colorfix top coat. Best top coat I have ever used. (Just make sure before applying anything to your nails that they are very clean !Makes a huge difference:)You can also apply another coat the next day for extra protection.  My manicure will last for around a week.  I have three kiddos too! If you are extra hard on your nails make sure to put on colorfix the following day after your manicure and maybe the next too! Can't hurt! That will also keep them looking nice and glossy. Anything work for you? I would love to hear it!
You can purchase Mavala on Amazon.  I have also bought it off of Ebay too. Happy manicuring!

27 March 2012


   Since I can possibly remember I have had this cake addiction..bad. Love cake and cupcakes anytime anywhere. My favorite has always been just white cake with white icing, but I will take ANYTHING! I think I have often gone to weddings just to grab some cake and go or at least stick around till the cake is being cut. We even have a cupcake cruiser here in town. But I have to say I am not impressed with it much. Truck is lame and old and cupcakes are two bucks a piece! When did they get so expensive? This is northern colorado people not california :)  Funny thing is I hardly ever make cake or cupcakes. I dont even have a good receipe that I can think of to whip up! Shame shame... but I was going throught my pinterest pins today and found this pic. I love it! I think for a cake foodie like me it needs to go in the kitchen somewhere.. besides that with three kiddos yes I need to stay calm with a cupcake perferably.

22 March 2012

My new Stella&Dot purse

Looky looky what I got in the mail this week! My very cool mom sent me this Stella&Dot purse! And it is beautiful! I absoultly love Stella&Dot! I really think that their jewelry is so classic but with a little bit of a edge to it also. I really have never been much of a big jewlery fan or I should say acually spend any amount really on jewelry until about 4 years ago I stumbled across Stella&Dot. I have been hooked ever since. I love their delicate jewelry for everyday that would go with just about anything to these awesome statement pieces that I would keep always. And now in the last year or so they have released beautiful clutches, purses, and also coin and wrist purses. (yeah you know now I need those!)
   You should feel this leather! I was a bit sceptical at first but now that I have finally gotten one of these beautiful purses in my hands it is a very soft beautifuly made purse. I love to how you can wear it in different ways. A clutch, purse, and it too easily will fit a ipad! Soooo cool! I can tell this purse will last me a long time, and will be a staple in my wardwrobe. Think I am going to have to acually make some outfits around it!   Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day! For more info on Stella&Dot please visit my website at Stella&dot.com/brooke

21 March 2012

Jamisons first swing

The weather here lately has been beautiful and warm for this time of year. The kiddos were out of school for spring break last week and the weather did not dissapoint! So we decided that we had to go to the park where the rest of the 80,000 kids were playing and test out that baby swing:) Needless to say we LOVE the swing...

20 March 2012

Our New entertainment center

Here it is! It is huge bright and white!haha! We got it all put together and we love it! We still need to put on the little door knobs but we think it really added to our living room. It has so much storage too, which is what we really needed. Our first big purchase from ikea. Now I am really wanting to do something else on the left side. Get rid of that floor lamp and maybe that mirror?? What do u think? I am thinking defenitly a different floor lamp for sure....maybe throw some color on those huge 300 foot walls.....:)

08 March 2012

Jamison is 6 months old today!

Our little man is already six months old..how did that happen?? Jeremy was just saying last night "where is my baby?? You are turning into a little boy!" As for me I have loved every minute of being home with him loving his constant happy smiles and adoring his little sidewinder moves.. I still can't believe I have three beautiful kiddos. I am so thankful that I can be home with him everyday and not miss a thing! B

ut I have to say I really am loving my life with Jamison right now..he is the cheese to my macaroni

07 March 2012

Designer jeans at Kohls!

I was thinking how I really would love some new nice jeans because they are pretty much all I wear. I love a good pair of jeans that fit me in all the right places! But what woman does not love that?? I also love some of those NICE expensive jeans that I try and score at Nordstoms rack for around $100 if I can. But I still feel like spending that much is not something I want to do living on one income and have three kiddos. Well fret no more!! Rock Republic Jeans are teaming up with Kohls to have afordable jeans for under $100!!

I think Iam starting to like Kohls alot more now...

05 March 2012

Monday Nails

Hi there! So since I use to do nails for a living I thought it might be fun to post my weekly nail looks...But I am not gunna lie, three kiddos(one of those being a baby) equals not always nice looking nails! Haha! But lets do it anyway shall we? So today I did OPI in You don't know Jaques! This is a cool color being more on the nutral side but it is a taupy brownish,mayme even a little bit of purple kind of color..I like it! (Ring is Stella&Dot Soiree Trio ring. for more info go to www.stelladot.com/Brooke)
Love Brooke