28 May 2014

Springing into white

Jeans: Gap (older)

I can't believe I am in white jeans.... it's funny growing up we just did not wear white in my family because it was always made into this big joke that the minute you put it on it was going to get trashed.. start to eat and just watch the food dribble down your shirt.. lol. So I barley have any white in my closet. I have always been so paranoid about it! It is just how it goes in my family! So I thought I would run over to the consignment shop to see if they had anything so that when I do inevitably dribble something on them I won't feel so bad about it.. and would you believe that they had these jeans there? Really?? These jeans are so clean! People really have white jeans like this?? Well great for me!Just what I was looking for. Hmmmm Maybe that's a sign that white should be in my near future.  

23 May 2014

A lovely color of fuchsia

Dress: Billabong (Swell)
Sandals: Guess (Marshalls)
Bag: Jessica Simpson (Older)
Jean vest: Target

 I am glad it is Friday! We are getting ready to head out of town next weekend on a little road trip...so excited!I just hope that we will make it there in the car in one piece.. have not taken a road trip with a two year old yet.. to be determined. haha! Sooo Napa might be in my near future;) So I think this dress will be most appropriate. I hear the weather out there is really hot right now. Works for me!

16 May 2014

A new love for floral shorts...

 Shorts:(Billabong) Swell
Sunglasses: Ray Bans

Hello! Hello! Hope you guys had  a great week! I am generally not much of a shorts kinda gal..these are actually the only pair that I have. But when I saw them over at Swell not too long ago they really caught my eye! They are just so cute and comfortable! I am pretty excited to be sporting them this summer! We are taking a family vacation to Disney World in September so I thought these would be really cute to wear maybe with some cute tennis?? Now I just need a tan... and a few Barr classes..lol
I also have some great new polishes to share with you guys that are newer brands that I think you will love this next week! I am excited to try them out! Have a wonderful weekend!

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09 May 2014

The mother of all jeans...

Top: Target  Jeans: mother Bag: Stella&Dot

 I am just lovin this top I picked up at Target recently! Is Target killin it this spring or what?? I was thinkin too how cute this would be for a preggo top! You could even wear it after!
Have you tried out Mother jeans yet? I am in love! I have been trying to find some new jeans, but it always seems like such a long ordeal for me. I came across these at Nordstroms and have been pretty crazy about them! They just fit in all the right places. And I don't have to keep pulling them up! So I was able to grab these through Shopbop on sale. Can't wait to grab some more.. Have a wonderful weekend!

08 May 2014

Backwards and inside out

Blazer: Theory (thrifted) Boyfriend jeans: Gap Sunnies: Ray ban
Jewels: Forever 21

Hi! On Tuesday I was able to make it over to Colorado Springs to hang with my sister for the day. It was such a beautiful day to just hang out and enjoy some good walking! They live in such a great part of town that it is hard not to go stroll around.
I was pretty thrilled that a couple weeks ago I was able to find this Theory blazer (which fits me like a glove) at a consignment store for only $18! I have been so excited about it! So I threw this together pretty quick for a casual day out.  By the end of the day I  caught on that I had been wearing my top inside out and backwards the WHOLE STINKIN DAY! HA HA!  Blair and I got a pretty good laugh out of that one! Yup the life of a mom..

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05 May 2014

butter london Primrose Hill Picnic

Hi girls! I wanted to share this great new color that I picked up at Ultas the other day from Butter London! I have been on the hunt for some great new spring and summer colors! So far this one has been great, and I think you could wear it with just about anything. I just love their colors! But they are pricey so I generally buy one here and there. I have been noticing too that butter london have been lasting longer on my nails too. Not sure if it's my base coat or the color;)

                    base coat: Mavala Barriere-base with butter london Primrose Hill Picnic lacquer

                       Are there any colors you are loving for spring? I have another one that I am dyin to go get and try out also! A girl came into work asking me to put it on her..and I just could not believe how much I loved it because it's not typically something that I would wear. So I will share that one soon!  Have a wonderful week!