28 June 2012

Colorado fires

 We have had a horrible fire around these parts in the last couple of weeks or so. 80,000 acres I belive have burned down. I have not looked today but I think from what I have been catching, it is getting contained and people are being allowed to go back home. Fires are everywhere here in Colorado..very scary. But even though it is a horrible event, stressful, people loosing their homes, I have to say the pictures that I was able to catch from the front of our home are beautiful. The pictures really do not do it justice at all. They are too off my I phone..but the smoke rising off the mountains setting with the sunset was breath taking.  I dont think I have ever seen the sun in a more wicked red ever. Just beautiful. All my neighbors were standing out in their yards just watching as the sun set. Sometimes you can see complete beauty in something not beautiful.

 Brooke xo

26 June 2012

Anthropology and turquoise

Top american eagle outfitters  skirt vintage anthropology 
  I am a sort of lost for words this morning... there is a bunch of banging going on on my roof, and I am not a good morning person.(new roof yeah!) Jeremy has been out of town so I will be leaving town when he gets back, haha!  Besides that such weird dreams last night! I think I need to start keeping a dream journal. I am beginning to wonder if there is something wrong with my brain...it went along the lines of what would Hilary Swank do?? I was in a serious situation... anyways I put this little outfit together..I thought I would not be able to fit into this skirt with my baby budda belly but ya know sometimes you just have to suck it it.. I am determined to wear the snot out of it because I scored it on ebay for only $10. I thought it went really good with my grandmas turquoise necklace.. Have a wonderful day!
Brooke xo

25 June 2012

Our sweet new little patio

 Well I woke up Saturday morning on a mission..I actually just thought I would go to home goods and see if they had any out door benches. They didn't have any, so I went over to pier one and bought this bench on clearance! ( yeah clearance whatever) And then it just started going from there. I actually got everything at clearance! I was even able to get this little chair set for the kids!  I can't believe I found all this in one day and it was what I was wanting! I did not want your usual out door furniture but something that looked like maybe another room to our house. Now all we need is some covering, and a table. I was thinking of using some big tree stumps for the table..  We were also thinking of putting slate over the patio and some kind of stone on the stairs to just make things look a little nicer. We will see! Maybe next year?  I am a little worried about the bench though..it is made for the outdoors and is treated for that, but considering what I payed for it i hope that it will last for awhile. Oh! and that chair over there in the corner I scored for $60 at home goods down from $130! Yeah I am proud of my little patio..hopefully it holds up in this Africa hot heat! Have  a great week!
 Brooke xo

Chair  Home goods
Bench Pier One
Teak table and chairs for the kiddos  Ross
Rug   Target
Buckets Tuesday Morning

22 June 2012

It's Africa hot here now..but you have yourselves a good weekend! Love ya!

Brooke xoxo

21 June 2012

Target sandals!

  I stumbled upon these adorable sandals over at target the other day! They are great I will say and come in some great colors like hot pink! They are a great knock off! Not a very good pic but you get the idea! But I have decided that you must wear a bright polish on your toes..

Love Brooke xo

19 June 2012

The Language of Flowers...

 I have been wanting to read this book for awhile. I did not realize that flowers had meaning, I mean I did but never thought about it that much.  Ya know red roses means I love you or yellow roses means friendship so I thought. In the back of this book also there is a great reference to flowers that is called Victorias Dictonary of flowers. I really liked this book and it was a quick read!  So next time you send someone some flowers look up what they really mean and send them a secret message....

18 June 2012

New hair cut , new hair girl...

Last week was a rough week, so I decided to go try a new girl out that my friend raves about because she is suppose to be awesome at color..I told her to do whatever she thought would be good on me ...I don't care just do something with it! I think I have decided not to do bangs again..just maybe to the side ones..but she did do a good job with the high lights.. she cut a lot off the bottom.. evidently it needed it. My ends always get all dried out . So I got some new Moroccan oil today that will hopefully really help with that. But I like her she is great! Our conversation went into I maybe even working for her one day a week or so maybe..so we shall see.. Big day tomorrow! Getting our roof looked at for a new one and we are getting our counter tops measured for our new snazzy granite ones! Wahooie!

Love brooke

10 June 2012

Jamison 9 months old!

Jamison is 9 months old now.. and we are now sucking out of a straw, climbing up the stairs, cutting about 6 teeth all at once. (I know that hat is too small, but I had to make him wear it at least once!) He is crawling too but he will only craw on smooth serfices. He scoots on the carpet for some reason...He slept through the night 2 nights in a row this weekend! But go figure.. I still don't feel anymore rested! I am sure that there is more but I just can't think of it right now..  Jeremy has been quite a mess the last two weeks so maybe that is why I am pooped. Sinus cold, gout in his foot..he gets over one thing then another hits him. So we are shooting for tomorrow to be a good day...

06 June 2012

Good times with Blair and Tony

 Tony and Blair came up and spent the night on Monday! The kids got so spoiled! Uncle Tony is the best!
It was really nice to spend some time with them and get caught up..and get a new roof!Evidently we have some serious wind damage. My roof my roof my roof  is on fire! Cmon sing it with me! Ha ha . Not really but I am excited that I will be getting the nicest looking roof in our neighborhood and much better quality! You rock Tony! I don't even have to pay for anything..nice.

that my friends is how you eat pumpkin pie...
Brooke xo

04 June 2012

Sam's Club tripple chocolate bundt cake...

So I just had to do a little post about this cake... I will probably do more in the future:)  . Have you had this cake yet? It is from Sam's Club and is awesome!! It is our go to cake for anything! It honestly is the best chocolate cake I think that I have ever had that you can just go pick up really quick. Jeremy loves it and will come home from work during the day to eat it ( cause you know it's gunna be gone in no time with me being around :) ) Evidently they make it there too at Sam's..so if you are looking for a fab cake to bring to something or to really impress your guests ... and prepare yourselves seriously because you will not be able to quit eating it . ha ha !
Which totally reminds me of this...we are happy girls when we have our cake..
Brooke xoxo