31 August 2013

Bows and pearls

I had intentionally wanted these pictures to actually come out cute.. but instead the wind was getting in my way and caused me to look like a hot mess. I really did do my hair... at least though I was pretty excited that I found these heels hiding in my closet with little bows on them to match! Score! I have not been this bowie in a long time girls.. I am not a bow kinda girl, but there are exceptions, like when you are walking around T.J Max and your mother insists that you MUST have this dress! So she buys it for ya. Love that mom of mine. Have a wonderful weekend!

Dress~ T.J. Max
Accessories~ Stella&Dot
Heels~ Marc Fisher (old)

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 Brooke xo

29 August 2013

Loving my...

Ever since Drew Barrymore came out with her cosmetics line at Walmart, I have been wanting to try it! I am always looking for a mascara that does not cost a fortune! Because to be honest most of the time I am not impressed all that much with those either. Maybe  I have wacky eyelashes.. ? We stopped at Walmart on the way to Vail and I thought I would try some out! It was under seven dollars, and have been using it ever since. My mom also mentioned that she thought it went on as well as her expensive brand.

I also bought a polish too which I cannot find anywhere and will probably find it the minute I am done with this, but it is in the poppy color, I love it! I can't wait to get my hands on more of Flowers goodies! I am really wanting to try her lipsticks and glosses! Have you tried it yet?

Brooke xo

28 August 2013

Lions blue grass festival

Last week I headed over to Lions to meet up with my mom and some good friends! I can't remember the last time I went to a outdoor concert...It was awesome! We came to see Lorena Mckennit. She never plays in the U.S. She is from Canada an decided to make a special trip here. Unfortunately I was not able to stay for the whole thing, and did not get to see here, but my mom said she did not disappoint!

It was Africa hot out, but worth every minute! I just loved hanging with my mom and some great girls for the day playin in the river, eating, listening to great music, baking in the sun, people watching was the best.  It's been a great summer!

Brooke xo

26 August 2013

Anniversary weekend

Is it Monday already? Seems like the weekends speed by! We had a great weekend for our 15th anniversary! Nothing too exciting, but we managed to go to dinner Friday night at a nice little Italian restaurant! Jeremy brought me home these beautiful multicolored roses, and my parents sent me this beautiful tropicalish bouquet. Thank you so much mom!! We are pretty mellow these days with the kids and everything. But we were hoping to make it to Europe next month and were actually planning for that, but that fell through and with everything we have had going on this summer, we will just have to maybe plan for next year. Momma really wants some new floors though... ;) Hmmmm Europe or floors....

Top ~ Express
Skirt ~ Banana Republic
Heels ~ Target
Purse ~ Dooney& Burke
Ray Ban Sunnies

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23 August 2013

Fifteen years ago today...

15 years ago Jeremy and I were doing this... We got married in Evergreen Colorado at the lake. Can't believe it! Still cracks me up that we acually were married here. I had always wanted to get married here, but it was impossible, because everyone else wanted to get married here too. There just happened to be a cancellation.. I was the barefoot bride with my little flower girls..won a lot of bets that day;) no one thought I would show up with no heels on!

 It was a beautiful day and feel a little speechless right now...the day had went by so fast and can't believe that was fifteen years ago! I am feeling a little old this week! Happy anniversary babe!

22 August 2013

Warrior Dash Copper Mountain!

 Over the weekend we went up to Copper Mountain to do the crazy Warrior Dash! I might add here that I have NEVER done anything like this before, and did not know at all what to expect! I somehow got talked into it by my bud Karen after a few glasses of wine...Oh yeah sure! Sign me up! I did not even train for it.. I was just excited to get away to the mountains for a weekend!

                                                                         The before...

Here we are after the whole crazy thing! I have never been so nasty, dirty, gross, muddy, wet, things where things should not be, in my life! We actually swam through a huge mud pit with wire above it..yeah I could of skipped it, but if your gunna do it might as well do it and have some fun!No girlieness allowed! I even jumped over FIRE! It was gross and crazy but I had a great time and experienced something all new to me!

This was after at the party at Copper! It pretty much was a huge party all day long.. SO MUCH FUN! Jeremy went a bought me some new clothes after I tried for at least a half an hour to get that crud off of me..so worth it I was freezing to death and the drinks were not helping ..Lol (I love my peeps;)

I have no idea who this guy was but I was really tempted to go talk to him and see if he was indeed really Scottish or not.. I had some questions for him.. LOL . People were dressed up in costumes all over the place Pretty darn funny...

I have been so tired all week, but we had a great weekend and the mountains were wonderful! Ill be posting Breckenridge pictures here soon!
Evidently there is going to be a next year too so we told the boys they are gunna do it too! No wimping out! Fire, mud, ropes, climbing, tunnels.. oh yeah it's on boys...

15 August 2013

Cheyenne Mountain Zooooooo

We took off to the zoo in Colorado Springs on Monday.. Here is a view from up on the mountain! Can't believe I have been in Colorado my whole life and this is my first time here!

 We counted at least twelve giraffes and a baby! Babies everywhere at the zoo! Monkeys, peacocks, sphinx, kangaroo..

That's a baby on the back of that gorilla! I could of sat there the whole weekend and watched them, that was such a cool treat to see a baby monkey! He was all over the place too he moved quick light lightning ;)

Overall it was the neatest zoo I have ever been to. It's in the mountains so it's a lot of up hill walking, but so pretty! Not a big zoo, but the views were just breathtaking ! If you wanted to you could ride a gondola up through the zoo which seemed pretty cool but my sister mentioned that you could not see as much as you would think, so we didn't do it, besides I was kinda thinking too that I didn't feel like getting struck by lightening;) The weather has been crazy there lately with a tun of rain, so we ended up running through the rain right before we left. Fun times indeed! So I guess you could say this was my last hoo rah rah with the kids before they are back to school next week. So glad we went! And so glad school is starting soon! Lol