29 October 2013

Fall stripes

Skirt: Marshalls Top: Forever 21 Jewelry: Vintage
Hello there! We had a absolutely beautiful weekend here, that included a much needed girls night out and breakfast Saturday morning with great friends! Jeremy scored some Bronco tickets from his dad and took Ben, and they had a blast! It had been a few years since any of use have gone, so that was a nice treat for the boys. and now it is cold dreary, and rainy. But I have to say the trees are beautiful this fall! Colorado weather can be so funny.. hot beautiful one day, snow the next! 

I also colored my hair.. it has been driving me nuts, so I thought I would change it a little. I really can't get it to do anything anymore, or hold a curl or look halfway decent for that fact for longer than a day it seems! So I am on the hunt for some new hair products! (when am I not?? lol) 
I also made a AWESOME soup this last week and definitely need to share that one! So I will be back with that soon! Hope you are having a wonderful day so far!

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24 October 2013

Outfit of the day..

Top: Express Jeans: Target Booties: Anthropologie Purse : Micheal Kors

I am a bit out of words today..Hope you are having a wonderful day! 



21 October 2013

Instagram lately..

 We finally got our passports! So stinkin excited! Now I can travel the world....we are going on a  cruise in a few months, and could not be more excited !

An old pic of us from one of Tessa's baby showers..

He is awfully cute when he is sleeping..

And then he told me the next day that this is how he feels when I drag him to Ikea.. And then I told him that's how I feel everyday right now..lol 


Coolest cake I have been around in a long time.. a little celebration for some employees where Jer works

We have not been doing much lately.. so tired, we are sooo lame! haha, but Jamison has been sleeping better! We have been cutting his naps during the day. Seems to be helping!

Daisy Maizy..

This picture cracks me up! So typical of the three of them hanging out in one of their living room tents. Jamison lines up all his little toys all the time. Tess did the same thing when she was that age.

I have been so tired lately that I can hardly get anything done. The last month or so has been really rough, and stressful to say the least! I would really love to do some things or get some things done, but when your body and mind just are not with it, you have to just settle with what you can get done. I recently went to a new health guru this last week and found not only do I have my adrenal issues, but my thyroid and gallbladder have not been doing well either. I knew about my adrenals, but not the rest. So I feel like this is a new road for me to get better and to know that I have a lot going on that I need to heal! So I am excited to be on new supplements and hope that in the next couple of weeks things will start turning around for me! I am still eating during the day a vegan diet, but have slacked off in the evenings here and there.
There is  a lot I would love to do at home and to this little blog of mine as soon as I get the energy and the brains to do it and can function like a normal mom with three kids..Lol.  Hopefully sooner than later! Thanks so much for reading!

17 October 2013

A little makeover

A few weeks ago Karen And I headed off to Denver for a girls day with our bud Leanne and to work on a little project. She had been talking to me a lot about our cousin Jeff and his living room craziness, and wanting her to makeover  it for him. Soo he gave her money and said she could do whatever she wanted !

We started out eating lunch out on the patio at PF Chang's. Me and Leanne, that drink was crazy..don't drink one for lunch or you might not make it out! At least for this light weight anyway..

                                                     What a great patio they have there! LOVED it!

 This dessert was the soo worth it! Fried banana's and ice cream! Was one of the best desserts I had had in a long time!

 Ok so on to what we did. After we ate we took off over to Ross and Ikea. The room started off like this..

And this is what we ended up with! I have to say it was a blast to spend money that's not yours and get to pick out whatever you want!We added some plants, new rug, pillows, coffee table, a few accessories around the couch , blankie, and new wall art. You should of seen us trying to decide on that picture while we were in Ikea! We finally grabbed some guys and asked them what one they liked best.. we went with the other one.  We had a great time and we think it came together pretty well! Everyone loved it including Jeff! I have to say too he has such a great little house, it was just adorable, and I was ready to move on to the next room! Lol . It was a really fun day away, and much needed!

15 October 2013

Outfit of the day..

 Hello! I have been waiting to whip out this little coat of mine..even though it is a few years old I know it will be around for a long time! It always makes my outfit even better with all it's sweet details. I am coming to terms with the fact that I LOVE coats!  I don't have that many, but I think that they can really change up a outfit to make me feel a little more dressed up, even in my mom yoga pants, hehe! So here is to a new season full of beautiful coats, jackets, blazers..

Coat~ Charlotte Ruse (older)
Blouse~ Victoria's Secret
Jeans~ Target
Booties~ Anthropology

10 October 2013

Fresh carrot apple and orange juice

I just tried a new juice today, and it is wonderful! This juice is so so good! I might just be drinking this for my juice for the rest of the week! I might start turning orange, but it will be worth it!
We recently purchased a new juicer about a month ago, and I have to say it has made all the difference in our juice! I will have to post about that soon!

3 oranges
3 apples
3 carrots

09 October 2013

Leather and peonies

photography by Blair Provenzano
Hi Girls! I recently came across this really sweet dress at at consignment shop! I have been living in it the last few months because it is just so comfy and quick! I normally don't do short dresses like this but I just loved the print! So for a cute fall look, (so I don't have to put it in my closet just yet;)) I have been putting my leather jacket over it with some brown booties! Now if it was only a few inches longer...lol. Hopefully the nice weather holds out around here for a few weeks longer!

Dress Forever 21(thrifted)
Booties DSW

04 October 2013

Plaid and bows and a little two year old..

Photographs by Blair P
Hello girls! When I was at my sisters the other day we decided that we needed to do Jamison's two year pictures.. he was having a blast with all the fun stuff outside, like laying on our stomach and sucking water out of the concrete cracks.. boys. At one point he was running around and he would just take off his shorts or they would start falling down! Then he would just lay on the sidewalk and look at us like I'm done for the day mom..but I just can't stop! I am pretty sure it was our last nice warm day, so I am glad that we got to soak all that out door goodness in all day! It's starting to snow now here today and I am not looking forward to the cold weather! Hope you had a great week!

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Outfit details
Cardigan~ Gap (older)
Top~ Gap (older)
Boyfriend jeans~ Gap
Ballet shoes ~ gap (older)
Hat ~ Target
Jewelry ~ Stella&Dot
Rings ~ Coach
Jamison's shirt ~ Macy's

03 October 2013

Fall coziness...

I had so much fun yesterday with my sister! We decided to do a little collaboration and have her have some fun behind the camera! She actually use to be a photographer, and I can't figure out why she is not doing it at least part time! We live two hours away from each other, so we don't get a lot of time together, so I love these days when I can get out to see her and Tony. They are just too cute.. I have really wonderful awesome people in my family!
I feel that chill coming on so the big comfy, cozy cardigans and sweaters  are coming out! I love this one because it goes with just about everything and is the coziest piece of clothing I own. I realized yesterday too that I must get a couple of new scarfs! I LOVE them! And for some crazy reason I only have a couple and I need like fifteen.. lol  Ohhh rock star taste on a beer budget...
Have a fabulous day!

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Outfit details
Sweater~ Urban Outfitters (older)
Jeans ~ Hudson Nordstroms Rack
Necklace ~ Stella&Dot
Earrings ~ Stella& Dot
Booties ~ DSW