29 October 2014

life lately...

Hi there! I thought I would try and blog today .... and do a little catch up;)
Things have been a bit crazy the last month or so! I have also gone back to work two or three days a week, so I hope that works out well..so far so good!Hopefully it wont be too much for me.. my health has been not too well lately, so I hope things will start turning around here soon!
My mom and step dad are moving back to Colorado from San Francisco this weekend, and a couple of weekends ago we  or I should say Jeremy helped load their goodies into storage... and papa gave some rides.. really bummed I wont be able to get out to Cali as much now, but so glad my momma is moving home!

 Last minute flower shopping.. the weather is still so beautiful here!

Some rice pudding for breakfast .... it was awesome but lets just say I regretted it the rest of the day! Lol

My girl karen and I last week headed out to the Grizzly Rose...I am not a country girl..

Tail gating at the Bronco game last weekend!

The cuuteest dog you have ever seen..Daisy Maisy!

I found these antlers over at TJ Max a couple weeks ago...wacha think?

Finally got a project done around here last weekend.. tiled our laundry room with my dads help.. next we will be here hopefully this week starting our hardwood floors in the kitchen!

The look on Jared's face just kills me!

We went out a couple weekends ago with good friends down to Denver.. had too much fun! Some dancin some cowboy bars....I didn't know that we were heading down there, but OH MY GOSH I completely underestimated those bike taxis! What a riot!! We had to sit on our guys laps.. it was hilarious ... Dinner at the Chop House which is always awesome! Don't remember much because of my light weightiness.. but I know it Had to be tasty! LOL

One of my outfits this week.. posted on instagram if you want to see more! This a really comfortable Victoria's Secret top that is on sale, and Mother jeans. If you have not tried on these jeans yet you better get your self over to Needless Markup (Nordstroms) and try them on!! LOVE LOVE these jeans!
Hope you have a fab week!