27 December 2012

A week in pictures...

Well hello there! Hope you are having a wonderful week! We have been keeping it pretty low key around here. It is cold and snowy in Colorado right now so that means momma stays in a lot! I have just been in one of those moods lately... I took the kids to an arcade so Jamison got to ride in his first tractor! And I got to ride in a go cart for the FIRST TIME EVER! What?? I have no idea what happened to my child hood.. Yeah it was a blast! I fulfilled my In a sort of way go fast in a race car while freezing my arse off! Ben had a great time and of course I don't have any pics! 

Whipped cream and evidently mismatched socks! What is it with socks in this family? Jamison was walking around yesterday with one sock on with a huge hole on the top of it. So I decided this morning to take it off..



 Jamison is getting about 4 teeth in a ll at once right now, so we are zombies. He acually slept all night last night. For some reason when I put him down for a second nap later in the day he sleeps better at night. So why did I stop doing that?? Lol. Back to two nappies a day!

We actually got out last weekend and enjoyed a night out with some good friends for their anniversary! Seriously we about didn't know what to do with ourselves! Must remember to do that more often. 

  Cake and wine??! 

We also decided it was time to shave the boys hair..this was Jamisons first time..we didn't like it. But oh is he so cute with that short hair! And of course I have a big glob of his hair on my shelf trying to figure out what to do with it.. what? scrapbook it?

A sleep over! Bens BFF
     I also decided to go Vegan last week.Two weeks in! Probably wont do it for ever but want to try and eat a lot healthier this next year. Can't believe I have been blogging for almost a year! Crazy.. a year goes by so fast anymore.  Downton Abby ! Ahhhhh! Soooon! Stay warm!

19 December 2012

My girls night out..

Hi there! Well I had been thinking that whatever happened to girls night out??! Us hard working moms and wives just do not do anything fun for ourselves anymore! I have known a large group of girls for awhile now ,probably my whole adult married life...oh like 15 years or more..( oh Lordy I am feeling old) and we hardly ever get together to just do girl "stuff." (No we did not sit around and watch Magic Mike, but second time around would of probably been just as good.)

I have not done a girls night out at my house before that I could think of, and it seemed like a great idea in spite of my constant exhaustion, sleepiness, worn out mom of 3 , getting over two recent surgeries, and not wanting to do a gosh darn thing lately, weeelllll this just seemed like a good thing to do! So I got all girly and lit a bunch of candles, got a bunch of wine and cupcakes, got some pink roses, threw on a pink top ,and cranked up the girly music!

I thought it would be fun to offer the girls free mini shellac manis if they wanted one. Yeah and who does not want one of those? So I was a tad busy with that, but then my sweet girlfriend Sande decided to jump in and be my little assistant! I do know now though that I can do nails on wine :):)

The girls went nuts over this Tiffany blue that I had... so fun!

It was a great night! I will definitely be doing this again ! The girls had a blast just sitting around eating and talking till the wee hours of the night! So go get together with your girls! They probably need it just as much as you do! I think I am still recovering :)

06 December 2012

FIBRE Lashxtend black Mascara !

get yours at Birchbox.com

Hi there! I wanted to share with you guys today this mascara that I received with my Birch Box for november! I don't know about you, but I am always looking for my perfect mascara. I really get tired of going into Sephoras asking them buying one then returning it. Ya know? Any of you do that too?
This is the Fibre Lashxtend. I was pretty excited to open my little box and see it, and that I also got a full tube of it!

                      It even has this mirror on the back of it for your touch ups! How cool right?
I am really liking it right now! I beleive the normal price for it is around $24. My lashes are long, but mascaras tend to make them clumpy. This does a nice job of seperating them and giving them length in a wispy oh I just had some fairies come do my eyes kind of way. Hehe! .I decided to have some fun with my new camera and see if I could get of few pics..

 Now I need to find the perfect eyeliner... ehh
I hope you are having a wonderful week!

03 December 2012

A week in pictures..

How was your weekend? We had a quiet weekend. Almost finished my book ( Diana Gabaldon Drums of Autumn) ready for the next phase... seems like so much needs to be done, and I don't want to do any of it! Lol Here are some pics of the kiddos from the last week or so. I have been trying to play with my new camera a bit. So much to learn! Hope you have a great week!

Should we get this for our living room??

some new bathroom tile..
Tessa Rose...

30 November 2012

Our new favorite cookies! Immaculate Fudge brownie cookies

Have you tried these yet?? Oh Man! They are GOOD!!They are the Immaculate all natural fudge brownie cookies.  I thought maybe there were since every time I am in the cookie section, these are usually gone.. they are wheat and gluten free. So I don't feel quiet so bad eating these shoving these down my throat until they are gone.
 The kids love them too. I am on the hunt for easy snacks that are better for us and he kids. So I tend to pick these up every couple of weeks. But you cannot quit eating them! Maybe we should just limit it to once a month?? 
Have a wonderful fabulous weekend!

28 November 2012

Glitter and stripes!

Hi there! How is your week going? Well we are exhausted, but I was glad to get to work yesterday and have some fun dressing up! I can't believe I have been there for a month already! Jamison is just not sleeping very well still. Jeremy is the one that mainly gets up with him at night. I am so out of it that I don't even hear anything. So why the heck am I so tired? I guess like everything else it will pass and get better.

Stella&Dot necklace, Express tank top, Kansas City Kitty Sweater

I even decided to get out the hot curlers and play with those a bit. I really like how my hair turned out! 
I picked up these really cute little boots at DSW the other day.. they are by Crown Vintage. I think you could wear them with about anything! So cute! Have a wonderful day!