30 August 2012

Loving Doterra oils for my stomach!

Good morning! Well one thing that I wanted to start sharing is our Doterra oils! We have been playing with a few on and off over the last year or so and will admit that I definitely need more and am a total slacker at hitting my goal to just buying one a month..but anyways.. so with all the craziness with my surgeries this month and feeling pretty horrible, my stomach has not felt well at all. I know it is probably because of pain pills, antibiotics, ect. So not wanting to add more drugs to the mix and have been turning to my fabulous peppermint oil from doterra! I really love this because it is so strong! You just need one drop for about 20 ounces of water is how I do it. It really calms down your stomach and will settle you down also if you need any settling down :) This is a wonderful oil and I am so glad that I have had it around and now have to order more, (I can see a little  more in there! why won't it come out of that bottle?) Haha So if you are interested in some for yourself, they have many many oils and blends that are fabulous, contact your local rep in your area! I will probably be talking a lot more about these oils and sharing with you how we use them for our family and what has worked really well for us! Beats using drugs don't ya think? But then again use what works best for you! 
Oh ps..I get to have more kitchen work done next week! So excited can't wait for you guys to see!!
Love Brooke xoxo

29 August 2012

On my nailzz

Hi! How are ya? So I thought it has been a long time since I have posted a nail color! We need some color up in here yo! So anyways I had Jeremy take me over to get some new polish yesterday and to get out of the house for a few... I wanted to make myself pretty in some way since I have not been able to do my hair or makeup in a month now. It sure did though make me feel better and I love this color! I am so stinkin picky about polish colors and I think this one will be one I will wear alot this fall! It's a moachaie color with bits of gold or copper in it! I think it looks beautiful with my gold rings! The picture does not quiet do it justice but ya get the point :) It is essie and called over the knee .. I think the stinkin sticker fell off of it but it is knee something..Ha ha . Ok love you guys !
Brooke xo

26 August 2012

Slow going...

Jamison helping out Auntie Blair with laundry..

Ben jumping in bed with me to say hi

sunday morning

before... cutie

after.... oh hell no! Ha ha!
Hello!!Well things are still going slooowwww. I am really wanting to get back to my life, but I think that is still in the works.. Ha ha. I really want to get back to my kitchen and doing some stuff around here! I did not think it would take me this long to get back to normal but really how much can you take when you have two surgery's in one month plus a ruptured appendix?? Yeah Brooke it is going to take you longer than a couple of weeks to get over this and get your energy back.. I have been living on Sex and the city, has been keeping me feeling like I am keeping up with things a little bit lol! Can't wait to put something fun on again! The kids started school also so that has been nice for Jeremy and I not to have to worry about them during the day. Besides that they needed to get back in school so bad, and they are loving it! Blair came up yesterday and stayed the night, and I totally got her hooked on Downton Abby! We watched the whole first season and she is down..She really helped us out so much! Doing laundry and cleaning for us! Love her! 
So we have been laying low around the house, but here are some pics.. yes it has been pretty exciting around here..
Love Brooke xo

18 August 2012

A trip to the redwoods...

Well it has been another crazy week! Evidently I still had infections going on and had to have surgery again on Wednesday. I am home now trying to recuperate, but I think it is going to take awhile. This month has just been the craziest month ever! I have been sick all month ! I just want this to be done now! but I am so thankful for my family helping me and especially Jeremy who has just been wonderful taking care of everything! But enough about that ..  We took a road trip up to the redwoods and it was awesome! Those trees are just incredible! You really feel like you are in a different world! It was misty and foggy so cool. I am really glad we got that in before I got sick. It was a great day!
Love Brooke xo

14 August 2012

My momma...

This is my ohhh! I am so happy! Just got a facial now shuving a cupcake down my face look

Mom in her new Volvo 
    Hellooo! So the first day we were in Cali mom and I went over to get facials at an Aveda salon! It was wonderful! Then mom decided she needed some lettuce wraps at PF Changs with a lemon drop of course..which I could not even finish if she wanted me to walk back to the car..yup we were having a great time shopping around! Jeremy had the kiddos so that was great to have most of the day to myself.  Jeremy and Jim took them to a museum for the day which they just love that stuff, so it was a great day!

  Mom was just so stinkin cute I could not get over it! Gets in her new car which by the way she has never had a nice or decent car before so I was so happy for her she has worked so hard! But anyway.. she whips out these new Ray bans..  I was like what happened to you? I know you have always been cool and stylish but you have got it goin on mom! Haha! Then we go to lunch and she whips out these adorable reading glasses that immediately reminded me of Diane Keaton. Yup my momma has it goin on! 
So cute  and cool she is! I am just so glad that she was with me during all this craziness with my surgery. Don't know what I would of done without her. She has always been there for me and I felt so much better that she was there as much as she could be. Matter of fact the girls that she works with want to adopt her as their mom..nope sorry girls no sharing my momma! Haha! 

Things are still slow going I hope to be better on my feet my the end of the week. I got places to go people to see things to do! Know what I mean?
Love Brooke xo

13 August 2012

Driving through the salt to get to the ocean....

The Salt Lake

Well this is the start of a very very long trip...We headed out about two weeks ago to San Francisco for a couple of weeks. We were so excited to get out of town! What started as a fun trip ended in complete craziness when I decided to get horribly sick and had to have emergency surgery on my erupted appendix. But I am so glad that I was with my mom and Jeremy... But moving on we got out of Colorado as fast as we could! We made plans to go to the Redwoods and go see Mount Shasta! So I am so glad that we got to do that! And that I am still here! Haha!  I am a bit  ok well a lot brain dead at the moment trying to recuperate myself so I can't think of much to say right now , but I will be back this week to show you all we did! 
Love Brooke xo