Meet Brooke

Hi there! I'm Brooke! I live in beautiful northern Colorado with my three kiddos Tessa, Ben and Jamison, my stud muffin husband Jeremy and our little dog Daisy Maizie. I am a big lover of personal style, always have been, and hope to inspire others through fun, classy, chic, affordable down to earth fashion! My son Ben does most of my style pics...
I also love to blog about mom adventures, home stuff, recipes, beauty, traveling, family, and anything else that I love! I am a licensed manicurist as well as esthetician and work one to two days a week doing that, so sometimes I will throw in a little of that too. I am also more on the Vegan side of eating.. it gives me mom super powers..
I love interior design also, and love updating our home as we can , so you will see that here and there too!
I started blogging to mainly keep in contact with all my family that live all so far away..and have gotten a bit addicted to it, so
I appreciate everyone who finds this little spot of mine, and I truly get so excited over every new follower or comment that is left! Thanks so much for stopping by!