10 January 2012

New year goals

So like any year you have to start out fresh with new goals right? I like to think at least it makes me feel better to know I have some goals wether or not I acomplish them...at least I have something good on the brain right? lol! Soo lets see..
1. Be a stay at home mom for awhile (Jamison is 4 months old) and just be "good with that. I love to work and be out and about, and  being home all the time is hard for me. But at the same time I feel so overly thankful for my life and the fact that I can stay home with Jamison, because in all reality if I had to leave him with someone else and go to work I think that would be much harder to handle. Besides that you guys have seen him! OMG! nough said.
2. Take care of myself better..thinking more me time.
3. Defenitly read more.. think my brain really needs it and less t.v.(or telly I think Iam going to start saying haha!)
4. be more organized
5.get my teeth fixed
6.update my kitchen.I love to do home projects!
7.need to hang with my sis more. She is about 2 hours away
8.Defenitly want to cook better..maybe Giada makes house calls???
Love  Brooke

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