01 October 2012

Some fall planting ..

He there! So how is your Monday going? It is beautiful in Colorado today! I started thinking last week that now would be a good time to try and turn around our backyard and get to planting some stuff! Over the summer I had a landscape designer come by and spend some time back there to tell us what would look great there and thrive. I asked her to design more of a cottage style yard. So off I went last week to get some bushes. We decided to just add to it every year little by little. But to my surprise,( and believe me surprises go a long way right now) nursery's are trying to get rid of inventory, so I was able to get everything for 75% off or lower! We got five of them for five dollars a piece! I am really excited about that! The yard is in pretty pitiful state right now, but we have big plans for it and hope to just keep adding on to it every year. 
Two new hydrangeas !

A new rose bush going in here
We were not expecting to be able to plant so much right now but all the bushes for the right side of the yard only cost us $100 so  decided to just do it . I am really tired of looking out my windows into this sorry little yard of ours :) 

Four Summer Wine Ninebarks going in here along the fence.. they are so pretty!

For some reason our backyard gets the most neglected and is the hardest for us. Every time I have tried to get it going or plant things just die. The grass is hard to keep going too, but it is in the hot sun ALL DAY LONG...so I am not gunna feel that bad about it. Lol! We are just getting the bushes in for now, later we will get that grass out from around them and make more a nice border and bed..hopefully they all make it! I will show you what it looks like when we get them all planted! 
Love Brooke  xo

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