16 January 2014

A little dark..

 I am not much into these crop tops, but when I was in H&M the other day I saw a girl in one of the pictures with this on, and made a beeline.. where is it?? Where is it??? Oh those sneaky people.. they know how to real ya in. But I love it!

Top: H&M
Coat: J Crew outlet
Scarf: J Crew outlet
I realize these pics some of them are a little fuzzy, and dark, but I think they are cool, and my little man did them for me. You should of saw us trying to get across the ice in my heels, he must think his mom is a nut. I think the sun decided to hide the minute we made our way out there! And since it was cold, he had to negotiate his fee... he is so stinkin cute and funny. $2.50 mom... okay, okay Ben. Done. We were having technical problems, but sometimes I think those are the neatest pics. Have a wonderful fabulous day!

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