04 February 2014

Hat girl

Coat: J Crew outlet
Hat: Anthropology
Dress: Victoria's Secret (older)

You know when you see something but can't  get it out of your head? Well I am like that about clothing anymore. I really don't want to buy anything unless well I can afford it or it stays on my mind and I know that I will be wearing it for a long time. That's the way it was with this hat! I'm not a hat girl, I am one of those girls that see hats on other girls and says "Oh she is just so cute!" or " I wish I could pull that off!" Soooo I saw this hat a couple of months ago at Anthros and could not quit thinking about that dang hat! So it's mine now. Ok I'll bust out the sixty bucks for it. Just don't think going to frugal on some things is the way to go. Evidently I am turning into more of a hat girl..kinda

Jamison is on fire lately. And I mean that in more ways than one. He has really gotten some of his words down in the last few weeks like last week it was NO! And this week it is YEAH! His yes is yeah now and it is just pretty darn cute! He had ear infections last week so he was all over the place with his sleeping... we are dead in other words. Hopefully soon we will find out what not being exhausted trying to take care of three kiddos all the time feels like. We'll keep the kids, haha just let's get rid of the no sleep thang. I actually was just talking to my new doctor who is wonderful and she thinks his adrenals are not working properly, so he in turn has a hard time at night. So GOOD NEWS! We have him on a supplement that hopefully will get his adrenals working properly! We shall know within the month! Oh happy day! YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!!

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