03 November 2015

Dressing room selfies at Express

 This outfit came home with me! Just love this blouse! Loving the jean skirt too! Not too short and has good stretch too it

 Took this one home too! I have gotten a lot of complements on this dress also! I loved that its not too short but has the cute slit up the side..

 Love it with a leather jacket! They also had white leather jackets too

 If you are into maxi dresses they have been having some great ones! 

 Oh the coats! I was dyin over all the cute coats and jackets that they have.. really wanted this one but too big for me..but so classic!

This was another casual cute coat with a hood.. they have a handful of them! 

I have been pretty surprised in the last year or so with Express! I remember back in the day when everyone wore their stuff and I just decided to no longer shop there. But since there is one about five minutes from me I have been checking them out more. I love their jewelry too..acually every time I go in there I find some great stuff that I feel I can keep in my closet for a long time!

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