07 January 2016

2015 long recap!

 Hello! Just thought I would say hello..lol.. Anyways I wanted to do a recap of the year since it was a big year for us with some unexpected big things! First of all how about Star Wars!! We thought it was awesome! I grew up on Star Wars so it was a big deal for me so I had to show up in my cool buns, but clearly you ssee I was not the only one thinking this.. We were introduced to the Cinnabon Layla buns...

In the beginning of the year I decided this was the year to go on a big trip. Something like a crazy and true adventure. And since Jeremy and I had not been on a vacation just the two of us in over ten years ..IT WAS TIME my friends and we were going big well big for us. So one night I started looking at planning a trip to Europe and settled on Scotland (hello Outlander!) Jeremy was totally on board because he is sweet like that and I BOOKED IT!! I couldn't believe it....finally we were going and I was living like Claire ha! 

 Willaim Wallaces sord which is huge... taller than me!

 Willaim Wallace monument that you can see from castle Sterling where Mary Queen of Scots grew up. This castle is Amazing with people dressed in costumes of the time. It was one of my favorite things we did! Just beautiful!!

 Castle Sterling

 This was a castle we saw off the road when we went to the pub. So we thought we would stop and check it out. Really creepy acually but very cool.

                   Sheep Heid Inn from the 1300's one of the oldest pubs in Europe. A must go!

         Baked brie with apricot sauce. I have never been so snacky before... I wanted to try and eat every thing

 Grant castle on lake Lochness
You wouldnt believe how big this lake is..that's why they cant find nessy;) It was rainy and cold so while we were on the boat we stayed inside instead of touring it. And to my surprise a girlfriend of mine later told me that her father is scottish and his family at one time lived in this castle!..would make sense since they are the Grants. How stinkin cool is that??

 The highlands... so much awesome history

 Well those are just peoples homes...
So glad we went it was beautiful! The people were great and I cant wait to go back someday!
I did an erlier post on the other places in Scotland we went too. To see it just go over to my travel tab.

 In July we sold our house! We had been looking casually for a few years, but had decided to stay in our home mostly because the realestate market in Colorado is really crazy right now. You pretty much have to sell your house before you can even think about buying another one. We didnt want to take that kind of risk and not have nowhere to go and wonder even if we would find something in our price range and something that we loved. It just didnt seem like it was going to work...everytime we looked at a ahome we liked we were going to have to put alot of money into it and well we are tired of big home redos and especially after having to pay what you have to pay in Colorado right now and then put all this money into updating a home just did not apeal to us. I would LOVE to be in a older home in a older neighborhood that would of been ideal, but that comes at a really high price around here these days.
So one day we decided to go check out these new homes in another town close by that we had heard through the grape vine were going up. Jeremy's brother and cousin actually live in this town so we thought it was worth checking it out one afternoon not really thinking at all it would be something we would consider doing. 
Sure enough we drove out there took a look at the homes and all the gorgeous lakes and golf courses and decided that week to go for it! For some odd reason this area is beautiful and the prices on the homes are a lot less expensive than where we were currently living. Its weird when its such a beautiful area. We could get so much more of a house here and get a lot across the street from the lake!  We couldn't believe it! we were able to get a lot in a cultasac across from the lake so that our kids in the summer can walk right over there and we can see them from the house!We kept looking at each other wondering why we didn't know this sooner...The only down side was having to sell our house right away and wait for it to be built which would be 6-8 months. But it will be the way we want it and good property not on top of our neighbors which is one thing I really wanted if we were going to go through the trouble of building a new home. It had to be a good lot with more of a yard and not too close to neighbors. So right away We sold our lil casa (in two days) and moved into a apartment. It felt so right and everything went so smoothly. We feel like it will be sooo worth it! we are so so excited! I will definitely be filling you in later when we move in! It has been six months now. hopefully they will be done the end of February to the beginning of march. Its a little under 3,000 sq feet with a 3 car tiered garage. To be continued.....

Our pile of dirt..

In August we celebrated our 17th anniversary!

Our yearly family pictures with cousins!

and then all this happened..

 Fishing for craw fish at Wash park

                                                Someone started preschool in August too!

 Cave of the winds with all my babes!

 I decided to be a little gutsy with my hair and go rose gold pink in August!

 One of Tessa drawings! 

 At the nuggets game!

Ben also started basketball!

It was a great year with great surprises! Never did I think we would go to Europe and buy a new home! Here's to the new adventures of 2016! Until next time have a great week!

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