27 March 2012


   Since I can possibly remember I have had this cake addiction..bad. Love cake and cupcakes anytime anywhere. My favorite has always been just white cake with white icing, but I will take ANYTHING! I think I have often gone to weddings just to grab some cake and go or at least stick around till the cake is being cut. We even have a cupcake cruiser here in town. But I have to say I am not impressed with it much. Truck is lame and old and cupcakes are two bucks a piece! When did they get so expensive? This is northern colorado people not california :)  Funny thing is I hardly ever make cake or cupcakes. I dont even have a good receipe that I can think of to whip up! Shame shame... but I was going throught my pinterest pins today and found this pic. I love it! I think for a cake foodie like me it needs to go in the kitchen somewhere.. besides that with three kiddos yes I need to stay calm with a cupcake perferably.

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