28 March 2012

Best base coat and top coat for nails

  So are you looking to get that polish to stay on longer than two days?? I think every girl out there who loves to do her nails wants it to last longer than that right? well I will tell you today what I have found that works pretty darn good and also will condition your nails too!
 I love to do my nails but found that if I did not use Mavala, I just wont do them. Iam supper picky about them and wont spend the money to go get them done either. With all the years I have worked at salons Mavala has been the only thing I have come across that really works. I use the Mavala Barrier Base(conditioning base coat) first after I clean my nails good of all oils then maybe a very light buff to get rid of any dead skin. Then two coats of polish. After that you want to use Mavala Colorfix top coat. Best top coat I have ever used. (Just make sure before applying anything to your nails that they are very clean !Makes a huge difference:)You can also apply another coat the next day for extra protection.  My manicure will last for around a week.  I have three kiddos too! If you are extra hard on your nails make sure to put on colorfix the following day after your manicure and maybe the next too! Can't hurt! That will also keep them looking nice and glossy. Anything work for you? I would love to hear it!
You can purchase Mavala on Amazon.  I have also bought it off of Ebay too. Happy manicuring!

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