27 September 2012

A New rolling pin and kitchen chairs!

Hi there! So what do you think about our new chairs at the end of the table? I know it is a dark picture. We love them! It occured to me last weekend that we did not have enough seats for everyone so I told Jeremy to run over to cost Plus to get these. I have had my eye on them for a long time but Cost plus is so far away that I just never got around to it. Well we got a Cost Plus in town and it is awesome! As soon as I am better I will be heading over there! They are not too big either so they don't feel like they are these big honking chairs taking up all this space. They add a different texture into the room too that is cool. The color of them also matches the buffet perfect. I just was playing around with that too..maybe I will show you later :) Well I just can't wait till my other peeps get here to have dinner with us!
Grandma cooking her famous beef noodles for us

My first rolling pin ....
Oh! Wait here is a better picture of the chair ...you know the kids love modeling :):)
Love Brooke xoxo

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