08 November 2012

Pics from the week

Hi there! I thought I would share these pics of Jamison.He is sooo into everything right now. He immediately went for my foot soak the minute I put it on the floor. It was cracking me up because you know all he was thinking through his head was I know I can fit into this thing...

I could not get him to turn around and look at me to get a picture of him because he was having so much fun. Yup! fits perfectomundo!!
 I also started working on Tuesday! I am so excited about it! I think it is going to work out great!

My little private Manicure room. Aka moms escape! 
 This is such a great picture of mom and Jamison. Jamison giving grandma his first kiss.. JUST THE BEST! Have a wonderful , fabulous day!

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