19 November 2012

Castro convertibles ottoman

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! One thing that I do love to do is look at magazines. I think well I am pretty sure it runs in the family. This past week I was looking through my In Style magazine and came across this really cool idea. Maybe it's not too cool to you, but for those of you that do not really have a spare bedroom for your guests, you might really like this. So is there any easy way to convert your space into a guest room?? Evidently so..

It's a ottoman that folds out into a bed! How great would that be to have a couple of those around? I would love that because I do not have  a guest room, This could be a great alternative, and something stylish too . I am sure that no one would ever think that that was a bed, even if it was the ottoman in your living room that you are propping your lovely feet up on looking  at your In Style mag.. 
You can check it out more at www. castroconvertibles.com.

Speaking of fun stuff around the house we are getting our bathroom tile laid and just jazzing up the room a bit this week... can't wait to show you! The tile is gorgeous!  Here is a little teazer pic for you. So stay tuned....

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Lulu Soler said...

I love this idea! And the camera buy is awesome - gotta love Black Friday! I have been eyeing your blog for a while and just nominated you for a Leibster Award. Check out my website to see what the Liebster is all about and follow the directions there. Would love to see your thoughts on my blog as well!
XO - Lulu

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