26 April 2013

Ruffles and pearls

Top: Gap (old) Skirt: J Crew outlet  Purse, necklace: Stella& Dot  Bracelet: Forever 21(old) Heels: Banana Republic
Ray Ban sunnies 

Hi! Yup I am lovin my little ruffly blouse right now..I picked this skirt up at J Crew outlet I think for around $30 and did not realized how much I would love the two together till I made it home and stood there staring at my closet like I normally do. I think I need more of these colors around! Or changing my outfit 5 times before I head out the door. Do you do that too? Jeremy would really like for me to give that one up..lol. But now he just comes in and say Changing again?? Yup he's totally use to it, well I just like to say I have trained him well.. buwahahahaha! Have a wonderful day and a great weekend!


Blue Dog Belle said...

Love this! Can't believe there's still snow there!

Amiyrah Martin said...

I love everything about this! Plaid and gingham are my favorite things to wear in spring and fall and I love the colors in your top.

Afropolitan Mom said...

Stella & Dot have the best accessories. Love the ruffle blouse with the skirt - they go perfect together.

Emily Goswick said...

Love this little Prairie hill :) You look great!

Yes, can't believe there is still snow there! woweee! That's cold!! I'll try to send some sunshine your way!

Hope you can come visit my blog sometime. Maybe we could follow each other??

The Rancher's Daughter

Scudds Harrison said...

I love the colour of the skirt.

P.S: I am your newest follower and I am nominating your for the lovely liebster award.

Check this page:

Have a lovely weeknd!

Scudds xx

Sherry said...

Loving this look...that necklace is SO perfect!! AND yes, I change at least three times. ;) Have a great weekend and thanks for linking up!!

Carly said...

Love your shirt! So so cute! Look lovely.
xoxo Carly

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Hey Brooke, it's nice to meet you. I am visiting via Sunday Style, and I have to say that it was this fresh and pretty shirt that drew me in. I really love the colours! You've styled it well, and I love the setting for your photographs.

Sue xo

LoveCaroline said...

Such cute outfit! Your top is perfect! Can't believe you still have snow!
New follower from Plane and Pretty! Can't wait to see your next post!



Brooke G said...

thanks so much for stopping by and for all your sweet comments!

Rachel Kaylynn said...

Those colors look great on you - i agree you need more. The ruffle is such a fun touch too.

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

i love that necklace!

Triple Threat Mommy said...

The top is perfect -- and be super casual or dressy.

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

Oh, I NEVER change clothes a million times before work :) Why is it so hard to find something to wear in a closet full of clothes?! Gah.

You look so cute! I love that top!

Michelle K said...

I change my outfit 10+ times before I actually leave the door... worst habit!

Lovely blog :)

x http://mash-elle.blogspot.com

Kacie Ellis said...

Your dressed up plaid perfectly!



Love the outfit!


Fashioncontainer Facebook page

Kacie Ellis said...

Your jewelry is fabulous!


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