03 July 2013

Company picnic 2013

 We went to  Jeremys company picinic over the weekend at an island! I just such a great place to hang out and have a party! The kids looove coming here and we love it too. There is a lot of fun going on with canoes, swimming, water trampilines, volley ball, good food! They have been having the party here the last couple of years, so much better in my opinion than a hot park!

Everyone loves that they bring you over on a boat. It just makes it feel more islandy..haha  and hopefully you don't fall in and get eatin by the crazy catfish! They acually have buckets of dog food that you throw in the water and watch then crawl all over each other! The kids just love it! But all I can think of is please no one fall in! You will be eatin alive! Some of those things must weigh 10-15 pounds! They are huge!

They had a guy there drawing these for everyone. The kids really got a kick out of that! This one is Tessa and her cousins. 

     It was a rough day... I needed a bottle of something to. Isn't it crazy how just hanging around out in the sun all day makes you so tired?
Can't believe it is July already! We are definitely going to be hitting the movies in the next day or so. Jer really wants to go to Despicable Me. We loove that movie! The second one should be great too!  We are also getting a new garage door right now as I write! I was not too thrilled about it at first, but our door has been falling apart the last couple of months, and so it was just time. I am excited though because it will have windows in it and will make the front of the house look better! So I am excited, but not too excited about what it is costing us. Home improvement jeesh...


Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

I can't believe it's July yet either!! Looks like such a fun day. x E

Lulu Soler said...

What a great day! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Blessings!

xo Lulu

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