26 July 2013

Evergreen Colorado

 This last week we headed up to evergreen to hang with family and play in the water ! We got married here at the lake house about well almost 15 years ago next month! I will definitely have to share some of those pics next month. But dang it is making me feel so old!

 I have really been wanting to try this! I have heard it is sooo much stinkin fun! I would have maybe that day if I was not trying to keep three kiddos from flinging themselves into the lake.

                                                               Ooooh! Bear! Big bear!

 The kiddos with grandpa...

 Tess and Ben could not get enough of fishing in the lake! Guppies, crawdads....
We have 18 frogs in our garage right now that they have been catching.... 

I decided that I must make my up to Upper Bear Creek road. This is Gorgeous up here and the houses are amazing! There are some famous people that have lived up here too ohh like Willie Nelson. ;)

Little Bear Bar is a pretty well know spot around these parts. I guess you could say it's famous around here! 

The town has changed so much since we have lived up here! Every time I make it up here it's like I'm singing memories to myself. So much happened in this little town in my family as I was growing up. When we drive around I always say to myself "yup that happened there ,we use to live there, my aunt lived there, that was my first job", lol. I love too how a lot of old places are still there . We actually used to live right up behind little Bear...when it caught fire. Our home turned out to be fine thankfully.

I often think to myself if I could still be sitting here at this spot where I use to hang as a teenager, what would I change? Would I have done things differently? I often probably the most think of the people I love and loved that I shared this beautiful little town with. Where are they today? How are they? I miss them.... "memories oh la la lala" Lol! If you ever are in Colorado you should definitely make your way up here! 

It's Friday! Have a great weekend!

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