17 October 2013

A little makeover

A few weeks ago Karen And I headed off to Denver for a girls day with our bud Leanne and to work on a little project. She had been talking to me a lot about our cousin Jeff and his living room craziness, and wanting her to makeover  it for him. Soo he gave her money and said she could do whatever she wanted !

We started out eating lunch out on the patio at PF Chang's. Me and Leanne, that drink was crazy..don't drink one for lunch or you might not make it out! At least for this light weight anyway..

                                                     What a great patio they have there! LOVED it!

 This dessert was the soo worth it! Fried banana's and ice cream! Was one of the best desserts I had had in a long time!

 Ok so on to what we did. After we ate we took off over to Ross and Ikea. The room started off like this..

And this is what we ended up with! I have to say it was a blast to spend money that's not yours and get to pick out whatever you want!We added some plants, new rug, pillows, coffee table, a few accessories around the couch , blankie, and new wall art. You should of seen us trying to decide on that picture while we were in Ikea! We finally grabbed some guys and asked them what one they liked best.. we went with the other one.  We had a great time and we think it came together pretty well! Everyone loved it including Jeff! I have to say too he has such a great little house, it was just adorable, and I was ready to move on to the next room! Lol . It was a really fun day away, and much needed!

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