21 October 2013

Instagram lately..

 We finally got our passports! So stinkin excited! Now I can travel the world....we are going on a  cruise in a few months, and could not be more excited !

An old pic of us from one of Tessa's baby showers..

He is awfully cute when he is sleeping..

And then he told me the next day that this is how he feels when I drag him to Ikea.. And then I told him that's how I feel everyday right now..lol 


Coolest cake I have been around in a long time.. a little celebration for some employees where Jer works

We have not been doing much lately.. so tired, we are sooo lame! haha, but Jamison has been sleeping better! We have been cutting his naps during the day. Seems to be helping!

Daisy Maizy..

This picture cracks me up! So typical of the three of them hanging out in one of their living room tents. Jamison lines up all his little toys all the time. Tess did the same thing when she was that age.

I have been so tired lately that I can hardly get anything done. The last month or so has been really rough, and stressful to say the least! I would really love to do some things or get some things done, but when your body and mind just are not with it, you have to just settle with what you can get done. I recently went to a new health guru this last week and found not only do I have my adrenal issues, but my thyroid and gallbladder have not been doing well either. I knew about my adrenals, but not the rest. So I feel like this is a new road for me to get better and to know that I have a lot going on that I need to heal! So I am excited to be on new supplements and hope that in the next couple of weeks things will start turning around for me! I am still eating during the day a vegan diet, but have slacked off in the evenings here and there.
There is  a lot I would love to do at home and to this little blog of mine as soon as I get the energy and the brains to do it and can function like a normal mom with three kids..Lol.  Hopefully sooner than later! Thanks so much for reading!

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