17 July 2014

Summer stripes with bows

      Dress is Joa (Shop Bop)
         Stella&Dot bag
        Halogen heels (Nordstoms)

Hi girls! I have to say that this is my favorite outfit of the summer! I was pretty thrilled to find this at a reasonable price for all my shindig outings this summer! I had been looking for a skirt like this, but really was not coming up with anything till I stumbled across this. I just love the pockets too! Dresses with pockets ARE THE BEST! And then in some kind of crazy way I happen to walk right into Nordys and found these white heels. I can't tell you how long I have been looking for  a pair of white heels.. You know the kind where you will never need another pair really again until you wear these out ... I mean really not too high, bows, and studs...sooo cute! I couldn't pay for them fast enough. 
Hope you love!
Have a wonderful week!

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