24 July 2014

Little changes around the house...

Lately I have been doing little odd and ends around the house and thought I would share what  I have been up too.

 I have been wanting a brass lamp on this table in the living room, and found one for $30 at Home Goods!

I have been wanting one of these little tables for our back patio too, but every time I see one they are $100 or more... so I snagged this one a couple days ago at Target on clearance for $35. Not sure If I will keep it blue or not  but for now it works. If I was really cool I would of had put some cute flowers on top of it...mom issues..lol

 I also decided we needed some snazzy doormats! I love the shape of these and love how they have jazzed up my out door space! I put one on the back patio too. Ikea $15 each

 Our garage door was looking pretty rough on the outside and it had been driving me nuts, so last week I got to painting and just kept going...

So much better now! I feel like it has made the garage look a little bit nicer now and we are loving the black! Eleven years of wear and tear now refreshed! Even the kids have said something about it..they notice everything!

 I was  also able to get these sweet little bookends from a consignment shop in Napa!

 We love our entertainment system.. added a lot of storage for us! From Ikea

I took this jar I have not been using and decided that all my little samples that have been sitting in a drawer from my Birtchbox needed to go somewhere. So I thought it would be cute to put them in this and have it for girlfriends when they come over. We dont have a guest bathroom so I have put it in the corner on the floor in our powder bathroom. I put it on the back of the toilet,but it is a large jar, and I feel like it is way too big and worrying too that some one will knock it off.

here is a pick.. not a great one , but you get the point. I like it! It is pretty cute in there! Oh and the plans that I have for my little powder bathroom! Cant wait to get that going!

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