15 August 2014

Mother of Dragons...

This t-shirt is very appropriate because I am the mother to a dragon girl at the moment...

    American Apparel t-shirt
Marshall's skirt (older)
Diamond earrings American Eagle outfitters (love their earrings right now!)
Ray Ban sunnies

Tessa is a huge fan of anything dragon right now.. it's pretty cute. when she was little it was kitties. kitties everything we used to think she was going to turn into the crazy cat lady someday.. she had tons of them! SO now she has moved on to her little dragon obsession with daily drawings of ones she makes up or stories that she writes about them, they are also all named. the other day I saw her drawing a whole page just of different kinds of dragon wings..so cute, need to save that stuff! Oh and Dragonvale that she plays on her phone ALL THE TIME is just about the cutest game I have seen! So I think it is pretty appropriate that I have this super duper sweet t-shirt for the cutest dragon girl around! Thanks mom! Happy Happy Friday!

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Alexandra Stella said...

Haha. I know of course what the tee is refering to, yet I couldn't help but think that I'd need one too, considering my son ;-)

Alex - Funky Jungle

Tamara said...

I love that shirt!


On Prairie Hill said...

Thank you for stopping by girls!

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