30 September 2014

My favorite everyday lips

 I am always on the lookout for great new lip ideas that are easy, flattering and will go with just about anything! So I thought I would share mine today. I wear this just about everyday as my go too look that's natural and glossy! I am just not one of those girls that has a tun of makeup layin around, because more than likely I will not use it. So when I find something that works in order to keep it simple I will stick with that. Although I will admit that lipsticks and glosses are the one makeup goodie that I have a lot of! But I always go back to this combo.

I use a lip stain from MAC called Passion Preserved. I really like this color because you can put it on really lightly or more dark. I generally use just a small amount so that it will give my lips some nice color . Then I put over it Clinique's Black Honey lip gloss. (the lipstick in this is great too!) This lip gloss looks great over a lot of colors! I have also been liking this NYX color in angel food cake for a everyday look  that you could definitely if you wanted layer it over other lipsticks or stains. I do that all the time with a lot of my glosses. So what is your favorite daily lip? I would love to hear!

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