17 February 2015


Hi! I know its been awhile since I have been around... so I thought I would share some recent I phone pics and catch you up a little bit.

We have been doing pretty good, but having said that a lot going on too;) We thought we were going to sell our house a few weeks ago and build a new one or buy something else, so after all that stress and craziness we decided to just stay put.
 I have too been adjusting to working a couple days a week and am really liking it! I just am one of those moms that starts to go a little nuts after awhile being home all the time and needs to get out of the house . I have always liked to work and have my own little thing going. Sooo having said that I keep going back and forth about blogging and wish that I could be more consistent with it! I feel like one week I like it and the next I just don't, and frankly I just get tired of the blogging world and all the Instagramming and Facebook and this and that. And besides that I love clothing and style and always have , and doing a style blog, but seriously the amount of blogs out there doing the same thing is craziness, and I just don't want my life to evolve around the next thing I'm going to buy to wear.  I almost feel like everyone is wearing the same stuff anyways.. Its crazy to think where in the world do these girls get the money for this stuff??  I do though believe in buying clothing and shoes that are classic and that you can wear for years. I will spend money on those things when I can, or love even to find them gently used.
So I guess what I am trying to say is I almost feel better if I just put the device down for a few days or a week and just concentrate on other things. Everyone is so materialistic these days and I think that I worry about adding to that at times. I  know sometimes how it makes me feel when I look at these blogs, like I just don't have enough or I need more, And I just don't like how that makes me feel, and don't want to make other people feel that way. So I try to keep things simple and affordable but still in tune with the current trends. I mostly buy things when they are on sale or clearance, and I have been better about posting more on Instagram.  Maybe I am thinking too much about it?? Lol! But I keep telling myself that if I could just get something in once a week at least for my family and for something that we could have to look back on that would be great! So I will work on that!

 I started working again 2-3 days a week and am loving it! Doing this and having three kiddos and trying to do everything else has its challenges. My health had also been an issue the last couple of years, and am happy to say that we have finally figured it out with a awesome new doctor! I had been really having a hard time doing much of anything let alone trying to be just there for my family. But I did find out that I have chronic fatigue syndrome. But the plus side to that is that we know the cause and things are getting better! I am still having ups and downs but I am hoping this year will be a better year! I will probably too do a post on this and what I have gone through and what we have found out because I think there are a lot of people out there looking for a answer to some of their health problems ,and this might just be what you are looking for. So


A beautiful sunset by our house the other night! 

So tired that we start gettin goofy..lol

Oh Jamison... this is generally how I find him most days now..undies and snow boots..kills me he is so STINKIN CUTE!

Tessa is getting so good with her drawings! All on her own no tracing here!

Da boys.....

Leaving Boulder...

A little project I did...isn't it cute??

This was sushi at the Sushi Den in Denver...suppose to be the best! Was really good especially coming from a girl that does not like sushi that much

I decided to go over to Anthropologie to try this top on...great top but $88...pretty classic and would probably be in my closet for a long time so I'm still thinkin about it.

My outfit of the day...

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