11 March 2015

Office/guest room

 Lately I have been working on our office which I decided a few months ago to turn into a guest room also since we don't have one. (such a bummer!) I have always wanted a guest room but until we get our basement finished that's not in the cards for our 1900 sq foot house.
So I came up with this fabulous;) idea to put a day bed in our office and make it a office and guest room. But since this is the first thing you see or room when you walk in our house, I wanted to take my time. I found this brass daybed on craigslist with a trundle.. this was the deal of the year. Seriously I had my evil laugh goin all  the way home...
So I am still in the process of getting things done as you can tell. The duvet I just picked up at Pottery Barn.. the pillows are a mix from Target and Home goods. I think it is definitely getting there! I need to do some new curtains maybe add some more art on the walls. Sorry the pics are not that great but I just snapped them quickly on my phone...the story of my life.

    Just love our doors...one of the best things we have done in our house..evidently I keep  forgetting to put knobs on the other side.. that little side table was a steal at TJ Max for only $25. Rug is from Cost Plus. The kids have already stained it with dirt and mud and it really wiped clean. I was pleasantly surprised!

This lamp drives me a little bit nutty.. think I will find another spot for it. Then I will fix that wall..

                          Ohh what? You Don't have a signed copy of Cameron's book?! LOL  Im goin for       brownie points here people

       I will keep ya updated and let you know when I have done some more! We are leaving  for Europe in May so I will probably concentrate more on it when I get back. You know so I actually have money for Europe. We also are getting new lights over our kitchen island so I will show you that soon! So stinkin excited to finally have that almost done!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

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