06 July 2015

Our Scotland trip! Rosslyn Chapel and Hotel Melville Castle

For our second day we visited Rosslyn chapel at my mothers request! Ha! But it was great and I'm so glad we went!We were not able to take pictures inside which was a big bummer because it is pretty fabulous! It evidently was quit ahead of its time (1446) architecturally speaking. A lot of mystery too as to what certain things might of meant...like the old carvings on the wall of the bottom room that are thought to have been the markings of the chapel when it first went up..maybe? Oh gosh I wanted to touch that soooo bad but you couldn't. Is that weird?? If walls could talk this is one of those places..This drawing of a knight on the floor...is he buried there?? They don't know. You would think so though by the looks of it! There has been much speculation and belief from the locals through out the years that there is buried treasured underneath the chapel too..a link to the Stone Masons maybe?? 
The stone carvings are amazing and you could easily stand there all day looking at them. I believe there was a story too about a stone carver there that got upset about one thing or another I think it was that another carver came in and stole the show and they put him to death. Something along those lines anyways.. that's what's so wonderful about going out to Scotland and seeing all these amazing places you really cant keep all the stories straight! Really do yourself a favor and read up on it before you go!

 This is the cottage right before you go into the chapel. The Old Rosslyn Inn 

 Melville Castle is where we stayed! This castle has a ton of history and Mary Queen of Scots use to visit here with a friend. She planted some trees out front that are still there today! I wished I would of gotten a picture but we were not sure which ones they were!You can read  all about its history on their website.

This is the view from our room. We never did get a chance to walk around the grounds like  we wanted to!

Ha! I take a hot bath most nights so the windows would fog up..but the view was great anyways!

I loved looking at these two horses every day! Some days too the chickens would be out walkin around..so peaceful

Our morning view eating breakfast. It rained most of the time we were there and then it would hit about five oclock and the sun would come out and it would be gorgeous out! 
I really loved how centrally located this hotel was! We were only about 15 minutes from Edinburgh and it was about a 20 minute drive from the airport too. The drive up to it is long and beautiful!
The hotel is not that big and was pretty quiet. The restaurant was quiet and cozy. The room was ok. But the view made it great! The bed was so hard though that I  really thought about saying something to them. I swear we were sleeping on a box spring! I don't think I could of slept on it another couple of nights. 
The hotel was nice but I felt like it really did not offer much, (like helping you with your bags up the flights of stairs) I just didn't fall in love with it like I had hoped. It was very layed back which is good too! But the grounds were gorgeous! 

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