08 July 2015

Lately..life through my I Phone

 Sunsets in Colorado have been awesome this summer! I'm not sure if its me or what but I have never seen them so pretty!
I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do here on the blog! We are taking on a new adventure of MOVING and building a new home, so the next few months is gunna be crazzzy! 
We were also recently in Vegas for a work trip so I need to do  a little recap on that too!

 Spending a day in Evergreen at my aunts

 One of Tessa's new drawings! This girl has got some talent...not from me! ;)

 My mom and Tessa at her new house!

 Where is Jamison?? Oh he's outside skateboarding naked..yup not unusall around here

 Our goofballs. My house never looks this clean so I thought a pic would be good..lol

  I could not keep his shorts up! 

 Free People Top:Nordstroms Rack  Bralett: Free People

 This just cracks me up! Every  time we go to a party now people have these picture booths set up. SO MUCH FUN Yeah that's Jeremy back there! LMAO

 The best orange red color ever! RGB in Coral Living in this all summa!

My inlaws 50th anniversary party! We tried;)

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