03 August 2015

Our crazy life lately !

  Loved these acai bowls! If you live in the Denver area Sunshine bowls food truck is just so darn cute and soooo good!

We have had so much craziness going on lately! So to catch you up a little bit we decided back in June to sell our home to build a new one..eeeeeek! we had a month to sell it...We never thought we would ever do that, but we stumbled upon an area not too far from us where we would be able to be in a cultasac with a large lot across the street from a beautiful lake with a beach and playground for the kiddos! We loved the lay out of the house and the neighborhood. We had been feeling for awhile that we were outgrowing our home, we either needed to move or finish our half basement. we thought we would probably just stay there and make it work because yo the housing market is crazy and expensive in Colorado right now! But we snagged this spot just in the nick of time! Everything went pretty smooth and now we are getting use to apartment living waiting for our new casa to get done.

In the midst of all this for the last month I have been dealing with a insane will not go away sinus infection, so at the same time I have not been doing too much either..lots of pool time;)

          So I decided my hair needed a fun change.. some light rose gold pink for the rest of summa!

                           His goofy smiles crack me up... he has to do this every  single time!

          I stopped over at Nordstrom rack last week and found this Free people top!                                            With a cute lil comphy H&M $5 skirt!

                                          Hanging with papa on that dirt bike!

The sunsets in Colorado have just been so beautiful this summer! I dont remember them being this pretty in a long time!

                 We were both sickos together for a few weeks.., so it was kisses for his moma;)

       Trying on some sale dresses at Anthropologie...loved this one but I needed it to be smaller..so it was a no go!

                   Now I can stand to look at my toes..lol

                One of Tessas new drawings! I think I need to get her in some art classes stat! 

                              All my babies hanging in Evergreen at my aunts house!

                                 I am just loving this new nail color for the week! RGB in Moon. I really 
love their natural colors! Plus they are 5 free too

Till next time!

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